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[Toronto, ON] Store Championship Stream TONIGHT 6PM EST

Tonight’s Store Championship at Snakes and Lattes starts at 6PM EST!! To accommodate for time, we’ve capped the players at 32 and made it 5 rounds of Swiss, with winner being Top Prestige at the end of the tournament. If there is a tie for Prestige, there will be a best of 3 playoffs held. Come out and join in on the fun!!

P.S. - This time we were able to get a hardwire connection, so the stream should NOT be laggy, but please let us know if anything comes up.

O&C action?!

No O&C as Canadian release date is tomorrow :frowning:

too bad. :frowning:

Jack Sheng Howard.

I’m dying here, ROFL.

Proxies made for our local meta. We got a few more but this is the most popular.