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[TORONTO STREAM] 401 Games Store Championship February 28th @ 11AM EST

Hi everyone!

This is Dien and I’m back again hosting another Netrunner stream for you fine folks! This is slated to be one of my best streams yet, as we will be having casters on board. They will be casting the ENTIRE tournament from Round 1 to top cut! We will have a card pop up for those who are new and tenured alike so you may keep along with what’s being played!! Come join in on Twitch and watch the action as Toronto’s best duke it out to be crowned this year’s 401 Games Store Champ!!

The action starts at 11AM EST.

Your neighbourhood quality streamer and Scumlord,



Guys, the setup is amazing, nice casts, really professional like. Please please make sure these get on youtube as well!

Hopefully for next Worlds you can do it instead of the FFG :smile:

Thanks @Stiv!

I wanted to take a moment and ask those who had a chance to watch the stream to submit any feedback they had. Things we did well, things we could’ve done better. I’ve already received some good feedback that I can leverage towards future streams, and have notables to be mindful for next time.

It was a great stream. Only complaints were about mic levels and you mentioned that you plan to address that. Really enjoyed it, thanks. Hopefully will inspire others to do the same.