Total number of A:NR cards at the end of the Red Sand cycle?

I am trying to count the total number of cards in A:NR at the end of the Red Sands Cycle.
The cards don’t have to be tournament legal (MWL), so cards like Astroscript are counted in triplicates, IDs on the other hand only once. I am calculating with 3 core sets (which means there aren’t any singletons or doubletons in the core set).

Core 248 (+55 from doubletons +2x11 from singletons)= 325
7 Cycles = 7x6x60 = 2520
4 Deluxe Expansions x165 = 660 + 163 from Terminal Directive
In Total= 3668

I think there are 83 Identities (4 from Terminal Directive), 9 of them are draft IDs, the 7 IDs from the Core Set I calculated only once, which means, that there are still 67 IDs in triplicates so we can deduct 134 from 3677 = 3534.

So if I calculated correctly:
At the end of the Red Sand Cycle, including Terminal Directive, there are 3534 playable cards in A:NR.
A little bit less if we include the current MWLs.

Did I miscount somewhere?

Do you want to count cards like Rebirth or Utopia Fragment 3x? Their one-per-deck restriction does not stem from the MWL.
I didn’t know the word “doubleton”, so thanks for that. :smile:


Hmm… actually no. Are there many cards with “Limit 1 per deck” in the game? I’m a newbie.
Where could I search for this? or Ancur?

This nrdb-search finds all (edit: most) of them.


Wow, nice, thank you!

So I guess 10 (or 9 cards with AstroScript) don`t need triplicates, that is 20 (or 18) cards less.
3514 (+2).

“limit 1 per deck” just leaves out a few that are worded “limit 1 [CARDNAME] per deck”…

Add to that list:

Philotic Enganglement
Government Takeover
Director Haas’ Pet Project

Here’s the list of all the cards that have weird deck building numbers attached, though I couldn’t figure out how to get netrunnerdb to just shoot out a list with the 1 per deck ones.


-6= 3508 (+2 for Astroscript)

(I watched the latest episode of Selfmodified-Code on Youtube yesterday! :smiley:)

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Oh, you mean my debut? Thanks for watching!

A bit of minor pedantry: Astroscript Pilot Program being 1 per deck isn’t technically an MWL change. Rather, it is card errata. In that sense, Astroscript Pilot Program is considered to say “limit 1 per deck” just as much as any other card that says “limit 1 per deck” on it.

Typically, even events that aren’t using official tournament regulations or the MWL still consider Astroscript a one per deck card.

I don’t know your purposes for getting this exact card count (it’s fun trivia if nothing else) but hopefully this is helpful in your decision whether to include 1 or 3 Astroscripts in your tally.

I bought every Datapack and Deluxe box up to Flashpoint yesterday, but I don’t plan to open them for quite some time, I am still enjoying the Core Set (although it kinda bothers me that I only have one set, I am thinking about proxying the missing 77 cards). I figure if’ve I tried out 3-4 different Decks for each ID and played them 4-5 times against each other ID, that will be enough and I will be interested in opening my first Datapack.
Which means I can use Astroscript in triplicates for some time.
Plascrete Carapace, Project Atlas look awesome already! :smiley:


Welcome to the hobby!


Here’s a query that finds all of them.


Thanks for total cards post. Am just getting started with Netrunner, gathering a big set etc:

Three core sets, + 3/4 one
All 4 expansions
16 datapacks
Plastic tokens

Am subscribed to all team covenants 4 netrunner subscriptions :slight_smile:

And am now picking out binders…so card count really helps. Thx!


Also, how without duplicates? One of every card?

Core: 113
Deluxes: 4 * 55 = 220
Terminal Directive: 57
Non-Mumbad cycles: 6 * 6 * 20 = 720
Mumbad: 6 * 19 = 114

Total: 1224

This doesn’t include the player aids and click trackers from the core set, but they aren’t really cards. They’re just card-shaped non-cards.

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The deluxes only have 55 cards each.

Fixed! Thanks for the correction.

This confirms my long-held belief that the hardest part of Netrunner is counting.


Are you including draft-only cards (like Wyvern: Chemically Enhanced)?

NRDB has 1132 distinct cards on it atm but that’s not including the whole red sand cycle.


There are currently nine draft-only cards - the two original neutral identities, and one newer non-neutral identity for each regular faction.

For the purpose of figuring out what binders to buy, though, I’m not sure it would be useful to keep the draft-only IDs with the other cards, since you’ll only need them if you do the same type of draft again. And that’s if you even get them, which I suspect a lot of people don’t, because drafting with the draft packs is not very popular in many places.