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Tournament in Torun. My Chaos Theory recap

Continuing the discussion from Pls help to finetune my CT build:

here is short one :slight_smile: the tournament took place in wonderful city of torun, if u ever had a chance, visit it!

version i finally took with me:

###CT turbo rig (40 cards)

Event (19)

Hardware (7)

Resource (5)

Icebreaker (7)

Program (2)

some summary of final changes:

  • katie jones is great in this deck, MO is ok for late game, but having katie fast gives us big advantage
  • inside job is AWESOME, usually people dont expect this here and i was able to get agenda cheaply in each game with it!

my games as runner:

1st vs weyland tag’n’bag/rush (unsure)

game was quite fast, i was able to build rig efficiently with stimhacked PW. got some agenda with inside job and was lucky before heat to score one (out of five cards) in hand. guy had a tell tho looking at some cards, hiding others and keeping some more visible. took the one he wasnt looking at and hidden :wink:

2nd vs NBN fast advance

i was running HQ and his single remote early game, later on switched to r&d and was able to lock it with use of interfaces. MO for money, then run every 2/3 turns. easy game.

3rd vs HB fast advance

i was so happy im doing so good (being first after 2 rounds) that i made a terrible blunder. confused click count and forgot to drop a tag (planned to do that as 5th click). guy thrashed my katie jones and i lost quickly having no economy at all :frowning:

4th vs NBN fast advance

very similar to 2nd game. problem was money here as he had plenty of ice on r&d and was prepared to score agendas from hand. we both were on matchpoint (thanks to early inside jobs) and i was hail mary running breaking stuff for 12 credits total. was lucky picking agenda. gg!


  • 3:1 with this deck is not bad result, especially with me doing BAD turn with HB

  • unfortunately my corp deck (weyland rush’n’bag) got to the bottom of his variance and i lost to gabe twice and once to katie. all games was close tho and i know i can do better in future

  • tournament overall is 5 place out of 8

  • lesson: always be focused and use counters in visible way! (see game with 3rd guy, also with him as corp: on last click he run gabe on my remote. i had shadow giving him a tag and scorched earth in hand while he had 3 cards. trace! i said 6. almost good as he was able to pay due to my bad publicity i overlooked. would win the game otherwise and be in top 3 i guess)

  • do i like the deck? not really. this is heavy combo/solitare style deck. i enjoy interactions, face checking, mind games. this deck won’t give u that kind fun. it’s solid tho id say :wink:


Good recap, I like this style of deck because you can afford to wait and prep for corp to allow openings, or put them in tough spots where they have to make difficult choices.

But it’s not for everybody :slight_smile: I’ve been playing NBN solely to kill Kati. You can drop and double advance a BN to kill Kati next turn and Closed Accounts them setting them back several turns. If you lose the BN, its just 1 point.