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Tournament Report 2nd Place Palm Bay, Florida Regionals by Ve Herrmann

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/tournament-report-2nd-place-palm-bay-florida-regionals-by-ve-herrmann/

Discuss the latest tournament report by @VeRunner here.


Love those Lampreys in Pacer’s Noise build.

Draining the Corp here and there is just so good when you’re getting 2 free cards a turn.


They definitely allowed him to lock down that last game. With an open HQ (due to parasite) they are terrifying.

Where are those sweet trophies from and how can i get some to give as prizes?

Nothing makes me happier than to hear the positive effects of the SSCI on the community. I know what it was like starting to move into the competitive Netrunner scene, and being able to play on OCTGN to compete against players worldwide. I had no idea I was as good as I was until @db0 and @hollis crunched the OCTGN data and saw my ELO near the top. I was overjoyed to hear that the ability to play in an international tournament without dropping tons of cash on travel not only helped to revitalize communities like that in Belgium, but also helped players who hadn’t yet competed on a big stage realize how strong they truly are, especially @Trenzor who managed a top16 finish all the way from Chile.

The boost of confidence it gives a player to be able to compete successfully outside of their own local metagame is gigantic. It’s great to learn of another player who took that success and translated it into a strong Regionals finish. Grats @VeRunner!


Congrats, @VeRunner, on a great performance! No shame in losing to @pacer in the finals; he’s a great player.

I’ve been playing a lot of RP and was wondering if you could comment on a your ice suite, as it’s what I’m constantly questioning in my own build. Specifically, how did you feel Susan/Excal/Cortex performed for you? I keep debating fitting those ice in, but can’t ever convince myself to.

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Great article, @VeRunner! Congrats on the tournament, and it was great to see your thoughts on it. As someone just breaking into the competitive Netrunner scene it was a great read!


Sure thing!

Susan: Kind of a meta call. Dies to switchblade, knight and d4vd so I wouldn’t really rez or play against those matchups. The strength is it can give PPVP Kate a headache with her typical icebreaker suite. Normally she will need a ton of datasuckers (hard to come by versus RP sometimes) to break it or install a very high strength atman which you are okay with if she does that.

Excalibur: I love this card in conjuction with Caprice or Nisei MkII. It’s so strong and so rarely broken. Often your scoring remote can be this with another decently taxing ice behind it. Makes you have to generally just win a single psi game or potentially make the remote impossible to get into if you have a counter and they have no AI/parasite solution.

Cortex: 1 card victory condition! But really, that’s rare and didn’t happen at regionals for me. It’s great because it’s at the magic 4 str number for a sentry. This means mimic can’t break it without a sucker and d4vd can’t get pass it either. It either chunks some early cards out of the runner’s hand or acts as very cheap and effective ice for the early game. I like it as just a 1 of because it’s usefulness is pretty much just early game before the runner can fill up their memory.

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My favorite part of the article:

My lovely girlfriend Jean for preparing a wonderful (she disagrees) breakfast that day and helping me get the caffeine and calories I needed to succeed.

Nothing beats a home-made meal prepared by a loved one. :smile:

Congratulations on second place! …I kinda wish I had more to say. Well done! :+1:

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Great article . - The thing I find amazing about Netrunner is that regardless of where you go you will always meet nice people and can have a great time.

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Oh wow, awesome result! I think we’ve played a few times on Octgn and swapped a few tips. The SSCI was really what sparked my interest in the broader competitive scene and gave me the confidence to approach it as well. Good work @mediohxcore et al.

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This is true! I remember very well you stomped me a pair of league games :smile:. Then we had a very nice chat about the game!

But yes, so true. The SSCI was truly what made me decide to give the competitive side of Netrunner a serious go. Looking forward to the regional invitationals!