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Tournament Rules Question - points for players

I have some question.
In a round players finished 1st part of round (one corp, second runner). Before start the 2nd part is “time”. 2nd part was not started. Round finish during before “draw 5 card and think about mulligan” :slight_smile:

How many point will get these players?

  • Somebody told:
    3:0 for 1st part (one pl. win, second pl. loose)
    0:0 for 2nd part…because they didn’t start

3:0 total

  • Another told:
    3:0 for 1st part (one pl. win, second pl. loose)
    1:1 for 2nd part - because have 0 agenda points at the “time end” of whole round.

4:1 total

Where is the truth? :slight_smile:

Thank you,

I believe the latter example is correct

I think game 2 starts as soon as game 1 is finished. So if game 1 was finished with time left on the clock, even if time runs out before any of the players takes any action, players should shuffle, mulligan if they want to, and then each of them can take 1 turn as per standard going to time procedure. After those two turns the game is scored depending on agenda points.

I’ve seen this happened at a tournament two weeks ago, when game 1 was finished with 4 seconds left :slight_smile:

Yeah, I do kind of wonder what procedure is on that. Since it is possible for one side to break the 0-0 tie on T1.

I mean, the runner could top-deck something off R&D, or the Corp could slam out a Hostile Takeover for a point and damn the consequences. Or the runner could Maker’s Eye dig and slam into a couple of Snares.

I don’t think the tournament rules specify when a game officially starts, though it might be in there.

When time is called, the player whose turn it is should finish it and then the other player takes the final turn. This might be interpreted as a game starting when the corp starts their first turn (so after mulligan etc).

If you rule that a game starts when the previous one ends, and time is called right after the first game ends, then you should draw starting hands and play the first turns (like you said, someone could score points for sure).

Edit: I’m apparently echoing previous posts. Anyway, if it isn’t in the tournament rules, it’s definitely not clear how the case should be handled.

Checked the tournament rules documents, it isn’t outlined there, wrote FFGOP a mail, will post the response here once I get it.


The old tournament rules explicitly said that if game 2 hadn’t been started (ie the corp player hadn’t made his mandatory draw), the players would get no points for that game. That is no longer in the rules.


Thanks for getting in touch with us!
In our experience, if the first game of two goes to 65 minutes, slow play could be considered as a factor.
As for how to resolve the situation, the second match would be considered a draw - leading to a 3-1 scoring.

He says 3-1 because I asked what happens if the first game goes to time and thus the player who wins on time gets 2 points. I assume if you are unable to start the second game, but the first one finished properly, you get the 4-1 results. Point being that games that could not be started due to time get 1-1.


Typical FFGOP not answering the question they were actually asked. TBH I suspect this could swing either way at TO discretion, but it would be nice if such an event were consistently ruled right now.

The ruling seems obvious - if they’re going to make it 3-1 after a timed win, clearly it is 4-1 after a normal win.

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from FFGOP after specify situation:


Thank you for getting into contact with us.

The correct resolution to this is that the final score should be a 4:1. Each tournament match must consist of two games. If the second game does not begin in time, it should be considered a draw. Additionally, if the first match takes 65 minutes to play, the judge may consider a slow-play penalty.

Jimmy Le
Organized Play Coordinator

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Now I will, how to do by right way :slight_smile:

Thank you to all for your answers…

See you at any tournament (for example at Brno, CZ) :slight_smile:


I wish they’d included this info in the new tournament rules, since it’s precisely the opposite of the old rule that they removed, but I’m glad someone’s asked so that now we know.

It’s also frustrating that they don’t seem to be aware that decks can exist that can cause a game to take 65 minutes without anyone violating the slow-play rules. I guess maybe they only actually saw Hot Tubs in the hands of people who had practiced it a lot?