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Tournament Support Donation/Request Thread

Are you like me? Do you have a whole heap of extra Netrunner promos sitting around and run out of local new players to throw them at? Let’s put them to use and help grow our favorite game at the same time!

Do you live in the middle of nowhere in some country FFG doesn’t even realize exists? Are you trying to grow a scene with no access to GNKs or any other official prize support? Let us know and maybe someone can help you set up an unofficial tournament kit!

If you’re in no-man’s land and want to get a tournament together, leave a post here with your location and how many regular players you get. If someone’s in your area, we can maybe direct you to them, and if not, maybe someone with an excess of promos would be willing to redistribute the wealth a bit for some shipping charges.

Likewise, if you have a metric shitload of extra promos sitting around, post that you’re willing to help out here. I’d even be willing to middleman for people, as I have no day job and make pretty regular trips to the post office anyway.

I’m currently working on putting a prize kit together for @Trenzor but I can probably help out some other people, too.


Maybe I’m biased, but what an excellent idea for a thread! Big thanks in advance to both @MondoPeregrino and @Terrificy for helping me out in this endeavor. Looking forward to running some tournaments here and getting some more competitive action going on this side of the world.