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Tournament Winning Decklist Submission


Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/tournament-winning-decklist-submission/

The Tournament Winning Decklists page has been recently updated, and now submitting winning decklists is easier than ever.


I love the change! Great addition to the site! Thanks Laurie and Sly.

Sly, can decklist entousiasts like myself also submit lists? Like from netrunnerdb.

It would be nice to keep a place on the forum to discuss trends, notable decklists etc. Can we use the current tread for that?


Yup, anyone can submit valid winning decklists.

Yeah, you can use the original decklist thread still (or maybe talk about noteworthy enough lists in their own breakaway threads).


This is sweet!

I have one question, can you make it so when you sort by DataPack is sorts by release date of the Data Pack, and not just alphabetically?

I totally understand its not necessarily easy to do, but just a suggestion that I think would be useful.


On the to do list. For now you can search by datapack i.e.


Can I suggest an additional Tournament Type of “Competitive (Non-FFG)” or something like that? Would be nice for competitive tournaments that are more than GNK but not FFG-affiliated (things like SMC, GLC, other ANRPC tournaments, Stimhack.com tournaments, and individual tournaments larger than just GNKs).

  1. Thanks! This is great, a lot of fun going through these updated lists.

  2. May I suggest a tournament date column? (Assuming it’s not too much work etc., and wasn’t on the list already!) It would interesting of its own right, and also provide another easy - perhaps default? - sorting mechanism.


Is it possible to get a mark to see what decklists were newly added to the site? You’re as old as me, you tend to forget that :wink: