Tournament Winning Decklists

This is a thread for discussion on any of the tournament winning decklists up on

You can also post up decklists that still need to be added here.


just minor improvement idea:
its currently hard to find some decks on site as ctrl+f dont work with folding u use. could you consider make single click unfolding so that in-browser searching is usable please?


I think I am going to do a complete redesign of that page sometime in the near future. It certainly could use a rework.

in case of complete rework id lobby for on mouse over card preview :smile:

I’m still slowly trying to reorganize those deck lists by the latest data pack used at the tournament. Maybe these changes could be implemented simultaneously. What else are you thinking?

Agree, I’d be perfectly satisfied if It was easier to parse data with find command. I think card preview would be good but not worth the time to implement unless it was some kind of plugin you could use

The most important step is actually the reorganization by data pack, everything else should flow from that. Right now I just want to get good input and think about how to properly go about it, as I am unhappy with that page’s current state.

@Chill84 Yeah, unless there is a good plugin out there, I doubt that would be coming soon.

Alright, then I’ll keep working on that. I imagine it’ll take a few more sessions to backtrack the decklists and categorize them properly.

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There is a Chrome extension that does card preview:


First few results from the Plugged-In tour are up

Looks like they got my Kate deck slightly wrong - here’s the correct list - Kate Plugged In 1st Place 10-6 · NetrunnerDB

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