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Trashing hosted Caissa ice

What happens to the caissa program if the ice it is being hosted on gets trashed?

It gets trashed as well. It’s a general rule that if something goes away, anything hosted on it leaves too.

Thank you. That was what i thought. To follow on can you voluntarily trash ice?

As far as I know, only if a card ability allows is such as Security Subcontract or overriding it and adding a new ICE in the server.

You can voluntarily trash ICE protecting a server whenever you install another piece of ICE on that server.

@CptHilts - It looks like you found the Rules thread, please post further questions there. Thanks!

Also, as a new player, take some time to read through the FAQ, there is a lot of useful clarification in there. This is covered in the latest FAQ (1.6) on page 4:

The following replaces the rules on hosting that appear in the core set rulebook:

“Hosting” is the result of placing a card, counter, or token on top of a card, creating a relationship between the host card and what is hosted. If a card allows other cards to be hosted on it, those cards must be hosted on the card when they are installed, unless a card says otherwise.

Hosted counters or tokens can be spent without affecting their host. If a trigger cost requires one or more hosted counters or tokens, those counters or tokens are “spent” by being returned to the token bank from the card the ability appears on.

If a host is trashed or uninstalled, all cards, counters, and tokens hosted on it are also trashed. This cannot be prevented. If a host Corp card is derezzed, all cards, counters, and tokens hosted on it remain hosted.

The state of hosting is distinct (but not exclusive from) the state of installing. Most cards are hosted on another card when they are installed. If a card is hosted but not installed, the card is inactive.