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Tulsa Regionals 1st Place Decklists

Discuss the decklists from the Tulsa Regionals. This is the tournament that Team Covenant has recently been posting coverage of on YouTube.

Criminal (Gabriel Santiago)

2x Crypsis
1x Gordian Blade
1x Corroder
2x Sneakdoor Beta

1x Special Order
3x Inside Job
3x Forged Activation Orders
3x Emergency Shutdown
3x The Maker’s Eye
3x Sure Gamble
2x Account Siphon

2x HQ Interface
2x R&D Interface
2x Desperado

3x Armitage Codebusting
3x Kati Jones
2x Decoy
2x Bank Job
3x Compromised Employee
2x Mr. Li

Jinteki (Personal Evolution)

3x Fetal AI
3x Braintrust
3x Nisei Mk II
1x Corporate War

3x Snare!
3x Ronin
1x Project Junebug
2x Melange Mining Corp
2x PAD Campaign

3x Hedge Fund
2x Neural EMP
2x Precognition

3x Hokusai Grid

3x Chum
3x Neural Katana
3x Pop-up Window
2x Ice Wall
2x Toll Booth
1x Ichi 1.0
2x Eli 1.0
2x Wall of Static

I’m honestly baffled how one can win with 4 breakers total plus one Special Order. Maaaaybe the Mr.Li is key here

Yeah, for sure.

Also two HQ Interfaces, and only 2 Desperado is weird. .

Adding 2 Account Siphons to the weird list.

Can’t wait for the video’s. The are great. Some more “different” deck lists then usual. There were 2 Jinteki in top 8, number 3 had Weyland (Because We Built It) and the first HB was number 4!

I must say I liked this deck:

nr. 6 Ben Ruggles - Shaper (Chaos Theory)

2x Femme Fatale
3x Magnum Opus
2x Gordian Blade
1x Snowball
1x Corroder
1x Net Shield

2x Infiltration
3x Modded
3x Diesel
3x Indexing
3x The Maker’s Eye
3x Quality Time
2x Test Run
3x Retrieval Run
3x Sure Gamble

1x Plascrete Carapace
2x Dinosaurus

2x Mr. Li

Very different

just goes to show how strong criminal is running without breakers.

the jinteki list is pretty much my list now except i have 2x akitaro and 2x ichi and no eli. its a pretty good deck. i think ronin makes it work. ive taken it using ronin very aggressively to attack the runner hand if i notice they discard something great ie special order/an important breaker/account siphon/ etc …this usually means another copy or two is in their hand and making them discard has good value.