Turn it Off and On Again (TOOA)

A friend and I stopped playing / purchasing after Data+Destiny. Real Life happens.

Now were looking to start up again, but the idea of catching up with the meta and 3 cycles of purchases is a little much. We are also just casual players, only attended a few tournaments @ FFG (we’re fortunate and 5 minutes away from HQ), and mostly net-decked w/ tweaks. So with that, there is still a TON of replay left in what we have purchased to date. The difficulty is that online-discussion is worthless to us as we don’t have the cards that are driving the current deck archetypes, and net-decking is hard as finding decks compatible with our collections is not as friendly (the weekly decks on NRDB are incompatible).

So, rather than going out and purchasing new packs to try to catch up with the meta, we’re thinking of ways to keep our games fresh, casual, with a bit of intrigue on top. So I present a quick brain dump on “Turn it Off and On Again”.

It’s very boiler plate at the moment. If you have done something similar or heard of a similar format, I’d love to hear more! Suggestions are definitely welcome as we refine this idea and give it a play through in the coming weeks…



And in case you don’t get the reference:

If this is intended for relatively extended campaign play, having one player be the Runner and the other be the Corp the whole time seems awfully restrictive. I definitely get the desire to keep it to one set of cards for both players – I’m a pretty new player myself, the only expansion I have is Creation & Control, and the idea of buying two copies of a bunch of expansions and data packs is very daunting! – but it seems like closing off half the game from each player is a very serious downside.

Why not just have them switch off? If it’s 1x Core you might have to wait a bit between games while people shuffle staple cards back and forth (“I think I’ll play Jinteki, so fish the Hedge Funds out of your Weyland deck for me?”), but that seems like a pretty reasonable trade-off for both players getting to experience both sides of the game.

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