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Turn tracker app for Android

Hello fellow Netrunner players. I’m excited to announce the release of ANR Turn Tracker (made by me) in Google Play. It’s a simple app for tracking your turns and game state. It’s completely free and doesn’t have any adds. I hope you enjoy the graphics and have fun with it. I just published the app so it will be available later today.


Post up a link when you have one!

There you have it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fi.karretti.anrturntracker

OK I really have to ask this now that I can directly talk to an android app developper : why does this app request full network access from my device ?

Short answer to your question: Google analytics for app statistics.
Actually I can switch it off if it concerns you.
Tell me if it does.

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Looks neat, ill have to give it a try.

One possible upgrade to think about would be a turn counter! One statistic I like to keep track of is how many turns it takes me to complete a game and a simple counter that increments every time I press the turn reset would be alot better that my current method of dice tracking!

Just a suggestion

Every suggestion is welcome and I’m open to ideas. So keep them coming!
Although I can’t promise to put everything in the app :).

Love this app. Been using it almost exclusively for about 2 weeks now. The only thing I would like is some kind of bad pub tracker for the runner side and some kind of tag tracker for the Corp side. When I used tokens, I put My own bad pub Mark in front of me as the runner to remember to use it, and have forgotten more times then I care to count since switching to this app and dice for counters.

Also, I’d like the +1 click to be permanent at least on Corp side. My main Corp is mandatory upgrades NEXT and I frequently have 4 or even 5 clicks as the Corp.

Hi. I’ve been using the app for a few weeks now and I love it! I do have a bunch of suggestions if you’re still working on it.
Memory: turn log
The colors should be switched. Corp should run blue and rubbers red, like the card backs indicate.
Corp side should not have brain damage counter. They would have bad publicity.
There are cards that also intense the max numbers of clicks. Each side should be able to increase it.

Might be helpful to add a max hand card counter as these limits can change also.

Thanks! The lack of these changes being implemented don’t represent deal breaker, but would be nice to see.

Thanks again for a great app!

Maybe a field to enter information in to help remember things like femme?