Twilight Struggle

Looks like this game was getting a lot of love in another post, figured I’d get this started in case anyone wanted to hook up for games on steam or whatever. As for myself I’ve owned the game forever, but only a handful of plays. I’ll post my username when I get it on steam. Looking forward to some games

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I’ll totally be there when it makes it to mobile. Such a good game. I’m a lucky man to be able to play it with my wife. Anyway, I’ll be sure to update my status when I have a handle to exchange and people to play against. It will be nice to have diversity of opponents.

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Picked it up on Steam. Haven’t really had the time to learn it yet. Looking forward to it.

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I’ll get it once it comes to Linux.

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Waiting for the iOS version, but then I’m up for getting my ass kicked around

I’ve heard that Steam version is now just a model with no network and AI?
Anyway I’ll get a copy of that.On steam and iOS,even PS4.Damn it’s the only game I gave 10 except Netrunner on BGG.

It has an AI but it will provide no challenge except to complete beginners - probably useful as a learning tool to get used to the interface etc.

I’m TwoShedsJackson on Steam, can play 1 hr games in the evening GMT and longer games for anyone who wants one.

You ever thought about playing it against me? I own a copy plus most of the COIN GMT games. In fact I played Fire in the Lake with three other A:NR players yesterday. I needed a breather from A:NR.

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I’m not Ray but I did play Fire in the Lake with him yesterday.

We’ll have to talk Tuesday! I haven’t really played any of the GMT stuff and I’d like to change that at some point.

Unfortunately I only travel to Atomic Empire on Saturdays. Maybe this upcoming weekend?

Also works!

I know the theme but somebody could quickly present mechanics of this game ?
It never got released here.

Just got this:

as my opening hand, playing the US, no extra influence. Then he Purged me.

On the other hand he held a Scoring Card so I won at the end of Turn 1…

So, perhaps not only one of the worst opening hands ever, but one of the strangest wins ever.

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Me and @jesseo_o love this game! I’ll be picking it up on Steam soon. How’s the implementation? I’ve heard mixed things.

It’s decent, there are a couple of bugs and it could definitely use some interface improvements and a better distribution of time limits for online play but it’s solid enough and they seem committed to improving it.

The AI is woeful so don’t bother getting it for that unless you are a complete beginner.

Ah cool. I’m a buddy of Brad’s and ran the ANR tourney with Ray at BGG.con last year.

Quoting myself on another forum:

It’s a two player card driven game about the US and Russia’s competition for global influence. Like most CDGs it has you play a hand of cards which can either be played for generic operations or a specific event. However, playing an opponent’s event, even for operations, will cause it to occur anyway- so if the US played Fidel for ops the Russians still take over Cuba. This adds a huge layer of crisis management to the game- each hand requires you to figure out how to downplay your opponents cards while leveraging friendly or neutral cards to your advantage. In general you can discard one card a turn to the Space Race which prevents the event, and hold another card until the next turn. Spacing cards is
the easiest way to get rid of them, although one-shot events like Ussuri River Skirmish and Quagmire will come back to haunt you after a reshuffle. TS has two to three reshuffles a game and you go through most of the deck twice which makes discarding an event generally less potent than just playing it when you have the chance. For example, Truman Doctrine wipes out Soviet influence in a contested European country. A Russian player triggering it in the early war makes you lose one or two influence in Finland or Czechlosovakia, no big deal. But if it survives into lategame, the Americans tossing it down after Tear Down This Wall or Solidarity have contested the vital battlegrounds of East Germany and Poland can be brutal. Even a hand that’s entirely composed of enemy events can be a blessing in disguise since you’ll be able to perfectly time when the events come out as opposed to having your opponent spring Voice Of America on you at just the wrong time. Some ‘enemy’ events can even be made to help you- Aldritch Ames’ discard attack can be nasty, but a US play with only one card in hand results in them knowing exactly which card is lost- typically another Russian event. TS is simple, fast (for a wargame, under two hours), tense as hell, very thematic, and has a lot of depth. I may have a few nitpicks but it’s an easy contender for the best game ever made.


Also GMT’s COIN series is really good and more people should play it.