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Twins as additional Caprice in RP

Rules: Since Twins and Caprice trigger off the same event, the corp can resolve Caprice first. If Caprice fails they can then resolve Twins, which will trigger Caprice another time. So instead of a 1/3 chance to get in there is a 1/9 chance. Of course you need the extra copy of the last ICE in that server in your hand.

I cut 1 ash from a standard RP build and added 2x Twins. The ICE that are at 3x in the deck are Komainu, Tsurugi, Eli, so when playing I put one of those as the first ICE in the scoring remote. I played 4 games against Stealth Andy and won 2 of them. Small sample size, but already it happened once that I was scoring the winning 5/3 with Caprice + Twins, the runner won the Caprice PSI game, but lost the second PSI game.

My thoughts: Pros - if you assemble the combo the server is a lot more defended, for a cheap credit investment. Cons - 3 card combo, adds additional cheap trashables to your deck.

Has anyone played around with this, any thoughts?


Not sure this is reallly as powerfull as it seems to be.

Playing Twins with regular ID need you to draw the innermost ice twice, not just “any ice within server”, play both upgrades, rez them (4cr + psis), and have enough money for all of this.

Interesting though.

You could also triple Caprice with two innermost ices in your hand.

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for once I think I might agree with syntax, this seems like one too many moving parts for a deck that’s already a bit of a slow-roller.

It’s a cool interaction though, and it makes me think about possibilities of splashing a caprice or two into twins foundry…


Is you’re going down that route it’s easier to use the Twins to flatline them with Cortex Lock/Tsurugi/Komainu.

However, The Twins outside of Foundry or Weyland (Project Atlas) is pretty bad in my experience. Even with Atlas my Blue Sun deck used Levy University, that’s how bad it can get without the Foundry ability to fuel it.

Creative interaction though!

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Most use of this interaction would be caprice in foundry, too bad she’s not a sysop.

and by too bad I mean thank fucking god, that would be so annoying.