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UK Games Expo - Uroborus Cup 2015


More fun from Expo. The day after Nationals a more informal event takes place with medals for the most Scorched player and plenty of interesting decks!

Report from the Uroboroboroborus Cup


A frkkn medal? All I could give our most burned player was a set of alt. plascretes(because they need it obv)


It was a fun day but the prize support did leave alot to be desired.


Nice write up. Can’t remember any banter, I’m sure I wasn’t offended. The only thing to trouble me that day was the hangover acquired from @Rabscuttler’s Junebugs.


Junebugs (the drink) were the best part about Nats hands down



No one offered me a cocktail damnit. Quinn’s tournament will see that rectified. #pubrunner