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Umm, Stiimmmmhack, do you still love us?




Please, pretty please, could you put a new article up?

Or have we been naughty? :cry:

Happy to bribe with beers or donuts (or both?) if needed :slight_smile:

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Mull or Keep #5 should be out within the next few days, depending on free time of the editor. Unfortunately RL gets in the way of writing articles, and this one in particular Iā€™ve had in the pipeline for a while but wanted to wait for a TD release before posting an article about Ayla.


Someone mentioned Beer? That article will be up ASAP.


I think everyone got too excited actually playing the game to actually wri- I mean sure, Iā€™ll take the beers.

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Oh come on, RL?!

Surely voluntarily posting to a Netrunner website and making me happy is far more important than any other things you may have going on in your life.

Geeze, I dunnoā€¦ :stuck_out_tongue:

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haHAA visiting Stimhack in 2017 haHAA

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I would love to have some new authors! If anyone is interested just PM me.