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US Nationals question

I tried to find some discussion on this but google has not provided anything useful.I won a bye this past weekend at the Louisiana regionals only to realize that registration for Nationals is full. Is there any contingency for this? Is there any use in contacting FFG?

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I think I would try contacting FFG OP, as they indicated that Worlds would have reserved seats for US Regional champions. This would indicate that they’d at least have a predetermined answer to your Nationals situation, and would probably reply quickly, even if in the end you don’t get what you’re looking for…

But hey, feel good knowing you have a seat at Worlds even if you can’t register before they sell out.

I contacted them for you and they have good news:

I’d get in touch about how to claim your spot, but it sounds like you’ll have one if you can get into GenCon :). Good luck!


I was in the same boat. After some emails exchanged with the folks at Organized Play (organizedplay@fantasyflightgames.com), they confirmed that:

[quote=“Organized Play”]
We will accept regional winners who show up at registration with their bye card in hand for the tournaments at Gen Con. You will need to present the bye card and the correct number of generic event tickets to cover the cost of the specific event. [/quote]

It might not be a bad idea to contact them yourself, though. (Plus, I’ll feel better about making the 10 hour drive knowing that other folks are holding them to this!)

Awesome! Thanks all. I have sent them an e-mail. Looks like I’m going to Indy.

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See you there. And if we’re paired in Swiss, feel free to give me a 2 point handicap in exchange for passing on the info. :wink:

Hahaha, of course. :wink:

I went ahead and bought my GenCon badge. Do I need to buy the event tickets now? I don’t imagine they sell out of those (12 hour drive from here btw).

I haven’t purchased my generic tickets yet – I’m assuming those will be available for a bit.