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US Southeast (Atlanta) Regional - 9 May 2015

As the Tulsa Regionals get closer to the top 8 cut (Shout out to The Team Covenant Stream), where the top 4 tables in Round 5 of Swiss are populated by 4 different Atlanta players (North GA reppersent!), I thought it would be appropriate to remind you all that we will be LIVESTREAMING AND COMMENTATING the Southeast Regionals next week in Atlanta!


  • WHERE: FCB Comics and Games, 9850 Nesbit Ferry Road,
    Alpharetta, GA 30022

  • WHEN: Doors at 1000 (UTC/GMT-5), Registration ENDS at 1100.

  • WHAT: Seriously? Netrunner, dummy. 5-6 Rounds of Swiss. Cut. Playoffs. Winner.

  • HOW: Bring $25 Registration fee, Bring TWO (2,二,zwei,deux,dos) copies of your DECKLISTS, and don’t forget to bring the decks as well! (Shoutout to Michael for leaving his decks at home)

  • WHY: Your chance to earn a bye at nationals, AND the chance to get sweet sweet netrunner swag. Also because who doesn’t want to 2-0 Ahmed?

The STREAM will be run again by our good friend and technowizard, Ben “dodgepong” Torell. FCB has been gracious enough to provide us with their stream to broadcast to the world @ twitch.tv/fcbcomicsgames - so check us out, we should be live 10-15 minutes before the first round kicks off.

Broadcasting this event will again be me (sorry, world) and Randall Barnes. We’ll try our best to confuse and mislabel all the most basic cards while nailing the obscure Cortez Chips and Woodcutters of the world. I’m gonna be late though, so our in-house netrunning genius Aaron K. (well-known for his popular MaxX deck) will be taking over for the first round!

Remember to follow us on Twitter and the Facebook page for updates or to answer your most pressing netrunner needs:

PS~ Dear Stimhack - I can only post 2 links? Are you kidding me?


$25? Offering extra prize support I assume?

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Yeah we hope so. That is up to the venue though. Don’t come expecting anything else and maybe you’ll be surprised.

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PeachHack is looking forward to streaming this once again!

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The stream is live! http://twitch.tv/fcbcomicsgames

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Congrats to @Webster for the undefeated day! Truly a man of greatness!

And of course, thanks to @dodgepong for streaming the event!


Hi guys, was watching some of the videos of this (looked like an awesome day) and was wondering if the top 8 decklists were available at all?