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Using Jinteki.net to get better

What are some best practices that more experienced players would share for using Jinteki.net as a way to improve as a Netrunner player?

Write down your mistakes every game. If you don’t know your mistakes, ask your opponent.

Play a lot.
Try to understand why did you win/lose.
Keep playing. A lot.

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I use Netrunner Log to track my wins/losses. It has a bookmarklet for easy game recording from Jnet, and a space where you can put your notes about the game.

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So do you click the bookmarklet after the game is complete?

I log my games with a note of what went wrong if i lose. We learn from our mistakes not our victories

Yup! It will open up a new tab and fill in what it can (date, winner, whether won by points/flatline/decking/concession, points scored at the end of the game, opponent’s name, opponent’s ID, that the game was online, sometimes its best guess at what deck you played, number of turns, etc). You fill in the rest (the deck if need be, any notes) and click a button to save it.

You can also manually log games, if you want to record offline games there too.

Disclaimer: I haven’t actually used it in a while, because I haven’t been playing online much, but I assume it still works.

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My challenge is that I’m not always sure why I lost.

If your opponent will stick around, ask them. I used to ask when I lost a game and I wasn’t sure what I did wrong “what do you think my mistakes were in that game?”

It’s harder in Jinteki as people don’t always stay to talk. But it doesn’t hurt to ask.


And here I have been tracking all my games in a spreadsheet. It sounds like it should be pretty helpful.

I remember there was a site that allowed you to copy and paste the log from OCTGN and it would parse it and give stats on the game. Like number of access on particular servers, the amount of money you get from PADs, the number of times you clicked for credits/cards, etc. Does anyone know if that site is still around and can you parse Jinteki.net games? I always found it helpful for reviewing games.

When in doubt, ask your opponent. Better yet, tag a friend along and have him ask you all the time “Why did you do that?”. When you don’t know, you’ll know that’s a mistake.

Other than that, it can be useful to try to trace back from the end to the game to plays or places where something went wrong. That is, you don’t lose the game when get hit by Midseasons or Hard-Hitting News, you lose the game three turns earlier when you installed half a dozen cards and spent all your money.

It can be hard to know sometimes, msotly because we don’t go back hard enough. Anyone blaming the opponent’s luck or the game’s balance for being Siphoned should reconsider packing Crisium Grid, for example. Same with ICE Counts or Blackmail and Executive Boot Camp.

Looking at it again, Netrunner Log does tell you how many times you clicked for credits/cards for Jinteki games. It doesn’t do the other stats you’re looking for, though.

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