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Valencia Solitaire or Magic Christmas Land?

Is it just me or with Valencia and Blackmail recursion we might not need to break ice anymore?
Lets say i have a medium+Incubator and 3 Breeding Grounds for the sake of testing.
Then every turn i just use 2-4 clicks to put counters on incubator and the rest to setup(money/cards), the starting from 0 counters i get:
turn 1: Incubator has 4 counters.
turn 2: Incubator has 8 counters or 6+trash and medium run.
turn 3: Incubator has 10+ trash and medium run.
It seems really easy to get tons of counters really fast giving the corp only 3 options either play the hated jinteki sysops in the deck, try to be as fast with FA or just purge every 1-2 turns(purging every two turns give you a run of 6 with medium.
And thats not even counting if you just let Incubator get counters for free!

Obviously the deck would just be a pile of money+draw with medium and probably duggars for help and Levy AR for recursion. Forget breakers! Only problem with this strategy is basically if they get rid of the BP or they start rezing ice outside of runs(which can be dealt with by playing parasites anyway, how many ice are they resing outside of runs?)
Do you guys think this is Christmas Land or with the power of Duggars steelskin and inject can it be done fast?
PS: Demo runs with that is just icing on the cake…

Well, there are cards to hate on Blackmail. Blue Sun can OAI the ICE on R&D and Executive Boot Camps will probably be even more present if Valencia gets out of control. And, of course Elizabeth Mills for bad pub removing.
Caprice on R&D can also damage this strategy. I think it might get some people off guard, but if people see you setting up that they will either start advancing agendas cause you are not threatening the remote, or use any of the mentioned counters.


I give up: What is Magical Christmas Land?

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A place where there is no threat and all the combos magically work

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Cyberdex Virus Suite
Upgrade: Ambush • Rez: 3 • Trash: 1 • Influence: 0

If the Runner accesses Cyberdex Virus Suite from R&D, reveal it.

When the Runner accesses Cyberdex Virus Suite, you may purge virus counters.
Trash : Purge virus counters.

The Grinch is here.

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Or restoring face
or clone replacements
ellie mills
veterans programs
Rex campaign
Or Amazon

I feel Executive Boot Camp might become a mandatory 2-3x card in some decks. Otherwise some glacier builds will almost auto lose against Valencia (poor HB getting so much hate lately). Executive Boot Camp is still okay card even if you don’t face Valencia. I have the feeling that Valencia will be the strongest Anarch but I hope the most effective builds doesn’t become solitaire blackmail spam decks. Then the matches are decided more who draws the right cards at right at right at time (although NEH match ups are like this already).

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Boot Camp might become more like JH 4-5 vs normal decks and necessary vs valencia, although valencia could go trash it and then parasite away what was rezzed…

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HB already has in-faction answers in the form of Ash and Toybox.
Also Blackmail recursion wont be enough, just include a bunch of upgrades/assets you can go horizontal if needed.