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View from the Hedge: The Valley Review

Sorry Sneaky, I should have clarified that a bit. I meant no offense to the website in general or you specifically. I think some of the card reviews lately have been seriously lacking in content, and only focusing on the author’s favorite cards or “pet projects”, so to speak.

I agree with you 100% that Alexfrog leaving was a serious blow. He was able to maintain a level of objectivity that I think was a benefit to this site.


Implying you can play NBN that’s not FA, EVER.

NBN isn’t a faction that happens to fast advance, NBN is Fast Advance. If FA ever becomes unplayable so will NBN. Look what happened with chilo grudge, they limit Astroscript and NBN became a non-entity.

Astroscript is NBN, FA is NBN. They are inseparable. Sadly I’m not convinced that any of the rumored cards from the NBN big box will change that.

It’s both buddy, these communities are big enough to have a an elitist club who parrot the every word of thier idols and have card carrying members of the scrub tier ghetto.


Or you could say: a diverse community with differing thoughts and opinions. :wink:

Sidenote: Also not every post needs an image please. Especially ones that distort the text.


He doesn’t enjoy fun images…

P.S. It’s cool when spags does it, lol, we’re not a cult of personality lol


It is good right now. You have to run it with lotus field though. 4 for zu/passport 2 for cycy is great for 3 credits. Annoys stealth as well.


So what I said, yeah? So we agree.

Pure FA, though, has not been the only way in which NBN has been good. Midseasons-Scorch and now Butchershop use FA as an option, but it’s not the only thing they do.

ChiLo Grudge and Clot work very differently. Getting more than one Astro still makes Clot a threat without killing the faction – and it’s a long-term shift. From what I heard folks going to ChiLo didn’t want to bother working out how to do an all-new kind of NBN deck for a one-off event. This is going to be around for a while, so people are going to have to start working out ways to get around Clot.

And it’s not impossible by any means. Astro token plus SfSS makes every face down card a potential Clot triggerer.

But I’m a bit more hopeful for Haarpsichord and taxing strategies because I like toying with deckbuilding. I do think that PA might be helpful there, but you’re right that it probably won’t. I think that Breaker Bay will give Making News some more life for Midseasons plans using Gutenberg as a tax, and NEH Butchershop can use the Clot steal to fuel their own massive tagging and slow grinding away at the runner’s cards forever. Maybe the latter can use PA, probably TM will be better, but I do want to test and see if it makes a difference.


Now I’ve got to agree with you here, SfSS is a real counter play to clot. Now their going to have to jump at shadows, playing clot on every install or risk a SfSS. I was already running two SfSS in my NEH so I basically don’t have to make any changes to my deck, which is nice.

My main beef with clot is that honestly it’s sloppy game design, because really what faction doesn’t fast advance. Weyland has hostile, HB has beta test, NBN has astro obviously. The only faction that doesn’t rely on FA is Jinteki. It’s just poorly designed because it’s not a silver bullet but a cure all for whatever corp ails you.


That’s what I’m talking about! Liked for actual discussion on how to deal with Clot.

Thanks for taking the time to provide this free content to us. It’s always nice to hear other people’s thoughts on cards. Thanks for your contribution to the Netrunner community.


Hey, I don’t know who you’re calling lazy.

You think you know your shit? Write an article. We welcome new content. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to find competitive players who want to take the time to write a whole article for nothing. Usually, it boils down to our pet projects and tournament reports and our opinions about new cards. While things aren’t as good as they can be, we are always working on improving and we are open to community feedback and new content. I don’t feel like I’ve been lazy; I feel like we’ve been understaffed.

I realize the article stream has been slow recently, and I personally apologize for not taking the time to write more often. I have been pretty busy with the big tournament I am about to put on.

Decklists have been a problem, but we are addressing it. Soon, there will be a way to submit decklists directly to the site via web form that will enable us to post to the front page with a single click of the mouse. Once that comes online, decklists should flow on the front page like cheap wine.

I stopped writing card reviews because it almost always degenerates into bullshit. Since the days of Alexfrog, card reviews have faced a choice between pissing off people who want to win and pissing off people who want to have fun. Furthermore, card evaluation in netrunner is one of the hardest things in the game when you haven’t even had the chance to play with the cards yet. @kiv had a pretty successful one late last year; it was received well by a huge percentage of the population, and it followed the format of going into cards that he thought would make an impact along with providing some decklists. I think that’s the best way to go with these articles going forward, and I am going to continue telling players who express interest in writing set reviews that this is a good way to go with it.


I miss his insight. I do not miss his attitude.

I do have a couple theory pieces I need to write at some point. Should I just give them a go and then send you guys a draft?


So much hate :confused:

Critiquing the article and its style is one thing (I personally loved it), but no need to resort to personal attacks. Let’s be civil please.


I loved the article and the style/contributions! Great work. I’d really like to hear your thoughts on enhanced vision if you have the time.

Sure, float me some ideas before you go crazy so I can maybe give some insight. Anyone is always welcome to do this.

I have no idea who you are but you’ve already struck a nerve with me. Why the need to be so aggressive in every post? Why shit on content creators? They’re actually doing something for the community…

Or, you can mandatory draw it, which corps HAVE to do. I think the card’s definitely worth testing. Now you have to have six when you access R&D to steal an NAPD? Now the Psi game on Future Perfect may be even more painful? I don’t think either of those things are non-trivial.


FWIW, I think the card is just cortez lock and totally unplayable.

Talking about Future Perfect and Predictive Algorithm, since TFP’s ability is a prevent ability, that means you have to pay the 2 credits first to get to play the Psi game right?

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FWIW, I think the card is just cortez lock and totally unplayable.

I don’t get the appeal of Predictive Algorithms. It’s just a 2c tax that can’t even surprise the runner.

Red Herrings and Reversed Accounts are both better at this, have the same influence and life span (one use). And neither one of those gets played much.