Virtual ANR Testing House

If things work out for me, I’ll be going to Worlds in November.

Unlike folks who live in San Francisco or London or some of the other hubs of Netrunner, I have a very few play partners to work with. I was wondering if there might be a group of similar folks who would like to form a virtual testing house to practice decks and plan for Worlds.

My thought was just to open a Slack channel where people could talk and share ideas and organize play tests.

My warning is that I am not a top-level player, so there certainly is little chance that working with me will put you on the top tables at the end of the competition. But it sounds like testing and prep is a big part of the fun at Worlds, so I thought this might be a way for some of us geographically more isolated folks to take part in some way.

Any interest?


I’m not going to worlds, but I hope that lots of people buy you :beers: when you are there to say “thanks” for all the work you are putting into the ANR community!

Thanks! I’m just trying to help the game in the only way I really can.

I’d certainly be interested. Our group is casual so while I have the opportunity to test my decks, I don’t think I can get a full sense of where the flaws could be.

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I’ll be in if I get a Ticket


Work issue came up, so I won’t be able to go to Worlds. Sorry to those who were interested in this idea.

Of course, you could do it without me.