Wait for it... (Help me with my HIMYM deck)

Help me with my How I Met Your Mother themed deck. I am favoring theme-appropriate cards over quality of play, but it does need to be legal. Here’s the deck I have so far:

Wait for It… 1.0

Titan Transnational Investing In Your Future
16 influence spent (max 17, available 1)
22 agenda points (between 22 and 23)
54 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Quorum

Agenda (8)

3x Executive Retreat
2x Geothermal Fracking
3x Global Food Initiative ●●●

Asset (12)

1x Adonis Campaign ●●
1x Contract Killer
1x Executive Search Firm
1x Exposé ●●
1x Jackson Howard ●
1x Levy University
1x Lily Lockwell ●●●●
1x Mark Yale
1x News Team ●●
2x Zealous Judge

Upgrade (3)

3x Bryan Stinson

Operation (11)

3x Hedge Fund
1x Preemptive Action
3x Punitive Counterstrike
3x Restructure
1x Witness Tampering

Barrier (6)

2x Asteroid Belt
2x Ice Wall
2x Wall of Static

Code Gate (6)

3x Enigma
3x Mausolus

Sentry (8)

3x Archer
1x Architect ●●
2x Caduceus
2x Cobra

Here’s my thinking for these cards:
This deck is inspired by the show How I Met Your mother. While the Ice isn’t particularly related to the show (with 1 exception), nearly all the other cards are.

In particular:

Barney Stinson:
Bryan Stinson - obvious
Titan Transnational - like Goliath National Bank
Global Food - Barney works at a food kitchen b/c of court ordered service
Witness tampering - One of Barney’s co-workers talks about interfering with elections somewhere
Restructure - Barney talks about firing people when he restructures his dept.
Executive Search Firm - he’s good at working with headhunters
Executive Retreat, Geothermal Fracking - like things he does at GNB
Adonis Campaign - like Barney’s appearance on the super bowl

Robin Scherbatsky:
News Team, Expose - Robin is a news anchor
Jackson Howard - feels like Sandy Rivers to me
Contract killer - Robin is a gun nut

Lily Aldren:
Lily Lockwell - her name is Lily.

Marshall Erickson:
Zealous judge - later in life Marshall becomes a judge
Mark Yale - looks like a lawyer

Ted Mosby:
Levy University - Ted is a prof
Architect - Ted is an architect

Preemptive action - the show regularly featured “interventions”

No particular reason:
NASX, Hedge Fund

So, Stimhack hivemind – what HIMYM thematic appropriate cards should I add to the deck? It’s pretty maxed out in size now, so indicate what I should remove and why. Also, I don’t need this to be a championship deck, but I would like it to be somewhat playable.


Don’t sleep on the Gouda.

(I don’t know how that translates to a card; it is just a great scene.)


Is there anything with a Goat? Ted hates that damn goat. Maybe a card from the mumbad cycle to represent Ranjeesh (spelling?) the driver? I’m just spit balling here. Some sort of doctor or medical research fund for Stella? There’s always those NBN movie cards for the episode where they make a movie about Stella leaving Ted. That’s all have for now. I gotta get back to work.

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Great ideas. I can’t think of one for the goat.

Medical Research Fundraiser would work for Stella.

I should make a paired runner deck too. I keep thinking of runner cards for those ideas.

Ted’s car: sports hopper
Stella’s office: chrome parlor or Dr. Lovegood

But overall, being upperr/mid class and professionally employed, the HIMYM crowd overlaps the corps much better than the runners.

Yeah, they really do. I wish something in Jinteki made me think of Robin when she was in Japan, but I don’t think there’s anything good there. There could be something for Marshall when he was eco lawyer. Maybe bio ethics committee?

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That’s great. I swapped out two GFIs for one Gv’t Takeover and then had a card and 2 influence to use on Bio Ethics Association, which is exactly the sort of thing Marshall would be into.

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I think I settled on a final build. I diluted the effectiveness of the deck even further by picking a bunch of thematic (if not that great) ice as well. Here’s the final list, divided by person and reasoning:

2x Bryan Stinson - obvious
1x Global Food Initiative - worked in a soup kitchen
1x Executive Search Firm - helps Robin find a job
1x The Cleaners - cleaners help him after he trashes L&M’s house
1x Corporate War - prank feud with the guy at the other firm
3x Restructure - gets a bonus from firing his team

1x Contract Killer - gun nut
1x Exposé - reporter
1x Jackson Howard - reminds me of Sandy Rivers
1x News Team - She’s on a news team
3x Ice Wall - From Canada
1x Guard - the security guard at WWN doesn’t recognize her

1x Bio-Ethics Association - argues for fairness
2x Zealous Judge - eventually becomes a judge
1x Tribunal - law related
1x Dracō - believes in mystical animals like Nessie
1x Geothermal Fracking - fights environmental polluters
1x Enigma - Enigmas of the Mystical book for Marvin

1x Lily Lockwell - named lily
1x Witness Tampering - manipulating group photos
1x Preemptive Action - planting evidence to break Ted up
3x Punitive Counterstrike - deploys the “Dead to Me” look
2x Hive - Her dad lets bees out in their house
1x Macrophage - she is just “under the weather”

1x Levy University - a professor
1x Architect - is an architect
1x Builder - bad at building furniture (almost as bad as this card!)
1x Medical Research Fundraiser - almost married a doctor
1x Vanity Project - Tony wrote a movie making Ted seem awful
2x Caduceus - Stella was a doctor

Goliath National Bank
1x Government Takeover - deposed leaders of at least one country
3x Hedge Fund - it’s a bank
1x NASX - Bank related
3x Mausolus - looks like a bank
2x Cobra - Snakes? I don’t recall saying snakes.

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