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"Wait... what?" Rules quirks that blew your mind

Basically everything related to An Offer You Can’t Refuse blows my mind. It takes the timing structures, which aren’t necessarily intuitive but I at least know by now, and turns them on their head. So, for instance, a Femme’d Komainu gains its subroutines before Femme can attempt to bypass.


I guess I can’t really say it blew my mind, but when an Adonis got derezzed through a Muertos Gang Member installation and we thought about it and realized that Adonis kept the 9 credits that it had on it, that was sure a laugh. He rezzed it again next turn, and now it had phat stax of cash.


That thing that allows slums to avoid triggering ctm ability.


scavenge ruling is worst thing ever. there were a countless games where u scavenge test runned mopus in first turn when game was young. yet it turned out we did it wrong for YEARS. this plus you need to have faith in your opponent as u actually cannot check if he is playing it right (have valid target in hand).


Not anymore, though, thankfully. Shuffle comes right after you find the card, before installing or playing it.


Gravedigger gaining counters when Adonis, Eve, or other corp cards trash themselves.


Encore gets around any “on last runner turn…” requirements. For example, if you Maker’s Eye click 1 and see a Midseasons and steal an Exploda, you can then proceed to run HQ and Archives and play Encore. Then build your board state and the corp cannot play Midseasons on you. Same thing for a bunch of cards, like Sea Source, HHN, Punitive etc. Funnily enough, they do get Subliminals back if you do this. :slight_smile:


My favorite weird rules thing is the upcoming MCA informant and Kati Jones. Since MCA informant says the connection gains the ability and Kati can only been used once per turn, if she gets MCA’d you can either unload or Trash her, but not both.


If you put Breaker Bay Grid on a central server, it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t reduce the rez costs of any other upgrades you place there.

That’s because upgrades are not “in” central servers. They are “in the root of” central servers. The cards in your actual deck are the ones “in” R&D, the cards in your hand are the ones “in” HQ, but the upgrades are in the root of those, not in those.

Thus, Breaker Bay cannot reduce the rez cost of other upgrades in the root of central servers, since it only reduces the rez cost of cards “in” the server.


What the…

Ok, this one takes the cake for me hahaha

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I’ve got to say that the interaction of False Echo/DDoS really annoys me. It has been explained to me that paying DDoS effect by trashing it “instantiates its effect into the game state until the end of the turn.”

To me—and this is just my personal and probably backwards way of looking at it—when you trash DDoS, it looks at the corp’s board state and takes a “snapshot” of the ice positioning. It then says “Okay, you’re own your own,” and marches off to the bin. When False Echo comes along and bounces the outermost piece of ice, DDoS is no longer around to party with False Echo because DDoS is in the bin. To me the outermost piece of ice was established when the effect was fired.

It would have been more logical for DDoS to say “0: the corp cannot rez the outermost piece of ice […] trash DDoS at the end of your turn” and then the idea of an effect that can update itself continuously based on changes in ice placement would make more sense because the card is still in play.


If the runner is playing Credit Crash, there is mucho value to be had, though!

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Using feint when hq is protected by crisium grid results in a successful run.


The whole “use Feint to trash a Crisium” interaction is hilarious.


Me too.

In my first tournaments i don’t win a lot of games because man you can’t install deux ex when you see that little nice snare…by the moment i know that everybody was playing feedback filter.

I think the concepts of prevent / paid abilities is the most troublesome thing for the new players specially if you arrive from the other Garfield game.

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Not a successful run, though. You get to access specifically because the run is not successful.


The worst one is that you have to have another program in your hand to test run scavenge mopus turn 1. Worst ruling ever.


Also, a strange rules interaction we came across:

Adam vs HB, Adam has Netralize All Threats out.

Adam has 3 Credits.

1st click, runs R&D, accesses, nothing happens.
2nd click, runs my remote, clicks through ICE, I use the Jackson in the remote.
So far so good.

But I also have Breaker Bay Grid in the remote. Adam accesses, and says “I don’t need to trash. I accessed a card with trash cost I couldn’t trash on R&D.”

Unconfirmable (because I shuffled) hidden information. I have no choice but to trust the Adam player.


Sure Gamble + Order of Sol + exactly 5 credits = 10 credits.

Also just the existence of Nasir. It was the first moment where I realized Lukas was really willing to kick the tires on this ruleset and take it out for a test ride.


With the notable caveat that the Foundry trigger is optional, meaning you can see the three cards and (as long as there’s one piece of ice in there AND you have at least one additional copy of that card in R&D) you can shuffle the other two cards back into R&D prior to the rest of the ABT effect resolving.