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Wanted: Local Meta Contact Information

Hey there!

I want do a bit of guerilla marketing for our community at the upcoming game fair in Essen (SPIEL 2019).

The fair’s numerous participants (over 190000 last year!) are from all over the world.

I think at least a few of them might be interested in finding a new and local to them gaming group to get into a great game and meet great people.

To this end, I would like to gather some up-to-date information about local metas around the world and put it up on nisei.net.

If you want to help me out with this, please fill this form out https://forms.gle/1tJWsYQ76rpn7AHg8 - thanks!


Thank you this is awesome!
It would be very helpful if ABR would have metas as well not only meetups.

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If that is within ABR’s scope (not my call, and I think Necro has a clear vision for the site), I guess it’s doable.
Once I learn how to code more, I might take that bit on.
In the meantime, there are way more talented people out there who could tackle it, there are APIs for both ABR and NRDB that can be used to perform “code magics” (needs to be a card, clearly) for the greater benefit of the community :wink:

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