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[wanted] Resources for making DIY cards

Hey there.

Looks like the sh*t hit the fans. Meaning us.

OK, let’s chew a bit on the nostalgia and sadness… and let’s get cracking. The game needs us as much as we need the game.

Please dump all the links and resources you can for quality card creation and production here. If you’ve got a pixel-massaged template for all the types of cards (in all the faction colours), I may want to consider marrying you… or just buying you a drink of your choice somehow. If you’ve got interesting leads on imagery, dump the link here as well.

Anyhoo, you know the drill. Let’s pool what we have, share what we can, and let’s keep the game going.

Will you let a bunch of people with dollar signs in their eyes replacing the mad glimmer of true passion decide about the hobby that united so many people and gave us all so much Quality Time?

A NEW META WILL RISE. One can hope - and do something about it.

I’ll be playing Forever: Netrunner in a year from now with new cards even if I have to design and print them myself.

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Tsurugi generates markdown formatted cardsfor easy templating: https://tsurugi.herokuapp.com/
GRNDL has some of the frame/art assets and generates actual card images, but has the wrong fonts: http://cardcreator.grndl.net/


Here’s my entry: an entire cycle, predeveloped: https://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/comments/8pmagi/the_mojave_cycle_announcing_a_fanmade_cycle_for/

EDIT: Direct links can be found on the imaginary cards page for convenience.

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