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[Wausau, WI] Regional Championship - May 9th 11AM Live

Hey guys! Just a heads up that the Wausau Regional Championship is next Saturday, May 9th, at Johnny Cee Cards and will be streamed live at http://www.twitch.tv/sotomatic/ starting at 10:30 AM CST with the first match to start at 11 AM CST.

The event will be dual casted by Brad Emon and Andy Shebuski with live commentary of the main table as well as post match interviews with the players.

There will also be a Friday night warmup event which will be broadcasted starting at 5:30 PM CST with the first round beginning at 6 PM CST.


Excited to see more events streamed and commentated - best of luck to you guys, hopefully I’ll get a spare minute to tune in between rounds!

Shameless bump. We will be live in roughly 3 hours for the warmup event which begins tonight at 6PM CST.

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Warmup event is live. 1st round in 30 minutes.

Good morning everyone! We are going to be live in about 10-15 minutes!