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Ways to Get on The ANRPC?

I’ve noticed there’s no ANRPC events in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana area. I know some store owners in Houston and I was wondering if it is possible to get registered for the ANRPC somehow at these stores? I reckon that adding new regions at this time is probably unlikely due to the logistics nightmare, but is there any plans to add more next circuit when things have already been planned once before?


For what it’s worth, I’m a regular at Asgard and would absolutely love any new tournaments in the area.

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Ditto from Oklahoma.

@SamRS is in the process of getting this started. If you’re willing to help, contact him.

We here at the ANRPC will provide as much support as we can, but, we’re just an umbrella, currently. Any new circuits that form fall under the ANRPC roof, but, you’re free to set up your circuit how you’d like.


Hey guys - The ANRPC is an over-body for any region that wants to organize and form a circuit. We offer some guidelines on how to operate, and some assistance and insight on how to put everything together. Also, we do a lot of the website work for you, in regards to our main site - the circuit owners still need to create and maintain their facebook and other social media presence.

Each circuit has a “President” who is the point person that communicates to the ANRPC and organizes their circuit events with their respective TOs. It’s not easy and it takes work, to create a circuit you’ll need 6+ geographically common locations to run events, you’ll need a finals, you’ll need to negotiate partnerships with stores of venues, develop prize support, and finally have someone run each particular event.


So right now I’m kinda getting people on board, the major decision is how far out we want to stretch. My original plan was the 4 major cities in texas, one in colorado, one in tulsa and one in OKC. However, I haven’t been able to contact anyone in colorado, and up until you posted, I didn’t know anyone in houston looking to do this type of event. Due to people available, it might turn into a central america circuit, but nothing’s solid quite yet.



I’m one of the Colorado players. Let me know how I can help out. We have several cities and stores that would be willing to take part.

@CrimsonWraith would be someone else to talk to.

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Was trying to get a hold of him. I’ll pm you some stuff soon

Louisiana had some interested parties when SMC was announced. Ultimately it was to far but for only a handful of the most dedicated to come to ATL for the finals. I have a rules packet I can send over for you to tweak for your circuit. Any specific questions feel free to reach out.


Looks like you got a hold of @CrimsonWraith. Been fun trying to come up with names for the circuit. My nomination was the Tornado Alley Circuit XD


I really like the Tornado Alley Circuit, good idea

I’d like to call it the Greater Texas Area Circuit (that coming from a Texan)

The two most popular so far are the Dustbowl Series (DBS) or Frontier Series


I do like the idea of it being based around a card abbreviation. Dustbowl Series would be pretty cool for that reason.

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