Webcam remote live play league forming!

Greetings, we are now soliciting players for the first ever Webcam League, Season One: FLASHPOINT! Join us for a social and innovative way to play Netrunner.

Requirements: Computer, EXTERNAL webcam, google hangouts, Netrunner cards including the full Flashpoint cycle (by the end)

How it works: (rough draft) players will be paired off to play bracketed rankings. Players coordinate with each other to play games at convenient times for them but must report scores for each game played before a monthly deadline. Each week, players must play a new corp and runner ID and must include all in-faction cards from that months selected data pack. So for month one, you’ll play 4 best-of-three matches with 4 runner IDs, 4 corp IDs and mandatory use of all in-faction cards in 23s. Each month we will add the next data pack and keep playing! After month 3 we will have a Midseason Champion playdown and a Season Championship playdown at the end too!

Webcam setup: just aim your EXTERNAL webcam down at your table. Connect to your opponent via google hangouts video call. He will see only your game table/ card tableau and you will see his cards. Play Netrunner with your cards while talking to your opponent as you play, same as a normal live game. When hidden cards need to be revealed, just hold them up to the camera without peeking. It’s fun and easy!

Ask questions below. To register, PM me directly!!

(I live in New York, USA)

Welcome to the Webcam League! This is a friendly but competitive league. Everything is on the honor system so we trust players won’t cheat. Play to win, but enjoy your opponent’s clever decks and excellent play!

HAVE FUN! Seriously, all other rules are subordinate to having fun. The Director will attempt to keep things as fair and balanced as possible while maintaining maximum fun.
Director will randomly assign pairings for the entire league season (six months) prior to start of the season. Players must play two different opponents each month. Players arrange their own match times on their own. Lists and final scores will be submitted to the Director prior to the end of the month or both players will receive a bye score for that match. If contacted early, the director may be able to re-pair players if there are problems with scheduling.
Players will make TWO corp decks and TWO runner decks per month (data pack). Build tourney legal decks using normal rules including the most updated NAPD MWL V1.1. In addition, players must never repeat any ID all season and MUST use all in-faction cards in that months data pack.
Players will play TWO games in each match vs each opponent. One runner, one corp each. Note: two GAMES per MATCH.
We will try not to have bye weeks. We want everyone to actually play! In the event of odd pairings, we will ask for volunteers for that player to play against but only the odd player will officially score his points. Hopefully this won’t happen often but this hopefully puts fun above competition or “fairness”.
Players whose participation level is incompatible with the running of the league will moved into the CASUAL PLAY/PICK UP GAME roster and will be removed from the league match roster.
New players who join mid season will receive bye scoring for all games prior in the season. That’s probably the best we can do to make them welcome mid season.

Each GAME win earns a flat 10 points
A GAME loss earns zero points plus one point per agenda point in your scoring area at the game end.
A “bye” MATCH or a non-played MATCH will earn a player a flat 6 points.
Players must email their deck lists and final scores for both games to the Director who will update the scoring roster.