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Week one discover Netrunner. Week two discover Stimhack

Hello everyone,

As the thread title suggests I have just discovered your incredible site. I am new (very!) to Netrunner and noticed the BGG community was not as active as with my other games. Someone pointed out that most of the activity was at Stimhack (and reddit), so here I am!
As way of an introduction I thought i’d paste over my BBG posts (introduction & initial thoughts of the Core 2.0)…
… …

Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to say hi as I have just taken the plunge into the world of Netrunner by ordering the Revised Core.

I am a dedicated Lord of the Rings LCG player but have always fancied dipping my toes into the Android (specifically Netrunner) universe.
With the release of the Revised Core & card rotation it seems like now is the ideal opportunity to get on board.

I hope I am right!

If the game grabs me to just an N’th of a degree that LotR has I’ll be on to a winner.
I really look forward to joining the (Stimhack) Netrunner community!

So I have played my first games and these are my initial thoughts, plus the occasional word of advice to any new players picking up the core 2.0…

First up; I thought the new “Learn to Play” style of instructions was excellent. Though I would have liked to see the “Rules Reference” book included in the box (mostly because I love thumbing through instruction manuals – odd I know).*

We played a couple of games with the tutorial (illegal) decks – I took on the role of Weyland Industries whilst my girlfriend was the criminal Gabriel Santiago. The tutorial decks don’t use the full advance rules and are designed to get you to grips with the basic game structure. These deck achieved their purpose very well but my advice is to move out of these decks (and basic rules) as soon as possible – I think we played one too many games with these sets and you soon learn there is very little you can do bar going through the motions of a play-through.

After learning the “advanced rules” (MU, Damage, Traces & Links, Upgrades, Tagging, Bad Publicity, Hosting etc.), we constructed full versions of the Gabe and Weyland decks (all their core cards plus all the neutral cards) and played again. This was a much more satisfying game. It was slow as we had to read every card as we drew them (but luckily we were learning together) but game tactics soon began to develop.

Finally we tried two completely different core decks; Jinteki and Chaos Theory – wow this is when the game began to shine, suddenly our resource rich decks were diminished and dirty tricks and traps were full on agogo!

Game one with these decks saw me as the Runner win on my first turn with a very fortuitous run on HQ with Indexing and managed to re-arrange 3 Agendas to the top of the deck, pulling an All-Nighter and running three more times to win! We forgot Jinteki’s special ability to cause net damage, so actually we don’t know if that move should have worked.

We played two more games after that and both times they ended with me getting trapped and murdered by Jinteki – my girlfriend was in her element!

So that’s it – I’m hooked!
I’m really looking forward to trying out all the game combinations with these “pure” core decks and then delving into some deck building.

*There are definitely a few unclear elements in the “Learn to Play” manual. Accessing/Rezzing upgrades is particularly vague. Also there are no really clear specific clarifications of when you can perform actions (playing events, scoring, rezzing, etc). For this, the detailed timing structure from the “FAQ” and/or the “Rules Reference” is perfect and would have been a valuable asset on the back pages of the “Learn to Play”.


Welcome! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

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There’s also a fun NBN “Tag You and Annoy You” deck that you can build in the core set. When you see the joy/hate the comes from Closed Accounts, oh…it tastes so sweet. Especially in core set games, dropping an Econ Bomb like that can cause a huge loss of tempo.

Thanks! I’m yet to play the NBN deck. I intended to play all the “pure” decks first then start building some combination decks from the core.
I’m sure there are some fun decks to be found in there. I tinkered with the LotR core set for about six months before bolstering them with APs. I think it’s a great way to focus on the fundamental skills of deck building.


There’s also a lot of discussion on Stimhack Slack and you can play online at www.jinteki.net

I can’t remember the name of the Slack thread or how to request an invite, but do a search and you’ll find it.

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That’s a good way of doing it! The core set on its own has more depth in it than most self-contained board games, so don’t feel rushed to expand until you feel comfortable with it.

If you feel the need to look for more beginners in your area, there’s a very active netrunner subreddit with a weekly “find a player” thread that you can search in. Besides that, there might be a facebook group for your local players, which might be called something like “(your area) city grid” because we’re nerds. :stuck_out_tongue: Or you can ask in the main “Netrunner Dorks” facebook group and someone will point you to it. And don’t be too intimidated to try jinteki.net - if you start a game and mark it “beginner - core only” you will usually find another beginner easily enough, or a patient experienced player willing to help you out!

But yeah, both BGG and FFG’s own forums are dead. Facebook, reddit, and this place are the main discussion channels.


Thanks all for the great advice. I will explore it all!
Never managed to get my head around reddit but i think this game will force me to work it out once and for all!

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Stimhack Slack joined! Another new tool to learn (I’ve never felt more in my 40’s! :joy:) - looks like great system though!

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