Weyland Building the Walls

Here is another decklist I want to share with the viewers. I was initially playing Building a Better World but have migrated to Build it recently. I feel this deck has the potential to be very strong in the current meta game, however, it is not completely tuned yet.

Weyland Consortium: Because We Build It

Agendas: 11
3 Project Atlas
2 Posted Bounty
3 Hostile Takeover
3 Government Contracts

Assets and Operations: 15
3 Snare (6 Influence)
3 Melange Mining Corporation
3 Hedge Fund
3 Commercialization
3 Scorched earth

Ice: 23
3 Neural Katana (6 Influence)
3 Pop-Up Window (3 Influence)
3 Shadow
3 Ice Wall
3 Caduceus
3 Wall of Static
2 Enigma
2 Hadrians Wall
1 Archer

i’m pretty new to the game. A question i’ve always had though is: Why don’t decks like these play data raven? It seems to me that walking through a data raven without breaking it is suicide for the runner and trying to make a run through it while they’re on their last click will make them jack out.

I’ve always thought that data raven was one of th emost powerful tools together with scorched earth. Is there any reason you aren’t running it?

Because katana and snare are both better currently. Data raven is quite powerful tho.

Data raven is quite good in Weyland to be sure. Anthony just really likes his Neural Katanas.

I can attest to strength of the katana!

This seems like it could use some tuning. You’ve got a single key card, Commercialization, so you might want some more ways to get that card besides Atlas – Archived Memories (which has other uses too) or Aggressive Negotiations. I am also dubious about Pop-Up + Neural Katana vs Data Raven.

As previously stated the deck is not tuned. I do feel that in the current data pack katana and snare are both insane in this deck and pop up is just huge as well. If I had more influence I would happily play data raven as it is also insane, but slightly less than katana, snare or pop up imo. More often than not I sit on commercialization as account siphon protection they drain me for 5 and I gain 5-10 immediately the next turn. With the release of future proof I’m looking to add Dedicated Response Team and will probably switch to data ravens to support this.