What a Real Regional Looks Like

While the rest of the world languishes in the throes of apathy (or it that Game or Thrones?), Team GB once more represents and throws 120 people at a Regional for the lolz.

You lucky people can read my Games Expo Regional Report here.


if that was regional in uk, how many people attend nationals?

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The maximum permitted by the venue space of course.

Last year 178 tickets were sold, although not as many people turned up. This year the national is being held as part of a separate event (rather than part of a larger gaming convention) so it’ll be interesting to see how that affects numbers.

I can’t make the UK Nationals this year I don’t think, but am likely to invade other countries again, to steal their stuff. European Nationals only have a handful of people right? :wink:

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Come to Belgium, we will kick you back like last year :smiley:


What was with all the Plascrete? It’s probably worth noting that it wasn’t Belgians that beat me on the whole… :wink:

120 players on a Friday, no less. Nice write up Gaz, sad I couldn’t make it.


Don’t make me stab you, @evilgaz. #superjelly

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We have a strong field in France/Benelux :wink:

Why don’t you come to Europe? Nordics is in Sweden this year, it’s very nice. :slight_smile:

I heard rumours of a Colonial counter-invasion for the UK Nationals…


Do you mean Agincourt or Crécy? :smiley:


One of these days. Just bought a haus. Can barely get to Gencon.


Maybe when the new tracks come in and FFG have a bigass Euro event, there’ll be a chance to win a flight over this way and you can play in Fortress Europe.

I can show you the delights of cricket, a game that takes five days to complete, Black Pudding - known to our Teutonic brethren as Tote Oma (Dead Grandma) and visit an old pub for a pint of 99 Red Baboons (Blue Monkey brewery).

(Note: full 20oz pint, not Colonial 16oz cheap skate version)


anyone know if the results are going to be posted to acoo?

Don’t forget: cricket can take five days to complete AND can still end in a draw. Our American friends particularly hate that part.

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There is no battle such as Azincourt or Crecy, it’s a British story all made-up.

Waterloo is just a stupid hill in Belgium where larpers plays warhammer fantasy battle each year and Trafalgar do not even exist in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

D’Nile ain’t just a river in Egypt


@evilgaz No, Aboukir is a small town in Normandy, I don’t know about that. #bff