What are the most annoying Corp and Runner decks?

Hi everyone,

I already won an ANRPC but there’s going to be another one in my area. I’d like to have some fun and instead of playing my top-tier decks, I want something that just annoys the hell out of the person I play. Something that makes them really have to work hard and play differently than just fighting the standard meta. I want something that’s viable, and perhaps if I played really well, I could even win with, but I’m more trying to push the players in my area to expand their game more and adapt.

Ideas that came to mind were the CI:7 Point shutdown, Megadig with Valencia, and some horrendously painful IG deck with It’s a Trap!, Hostile infrastructure, shock!, etc.

So what do you think is outside the norm of the meta that really makes the person you’re playing have to adapt and figure out the puzzle of the deck to win? Decklists or links to them are certainly preferred, but enough information for someone to search out the idea is fine too. @tmoiynmwg, do you have any suggestions?

been wanting to try this one out for myself

this one made some waves in SHL

pretty obvious what you’re doing once they see the Au Revoir but the already infamous

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I will attest to being super annoyed by a CI deck with CVS. Someone won the last GNK I attended with a version of it and went undefeated.

Max personal workshop megadig is way better than valencia megadig.

7 point shutdown is a great choice but PE would be pretty solid too.

Noise is ultra annoying but unfortunately he’s also already popular.

Any specific PE deck ideas? IG? Which do you think would do better against a noise-heavy meta? CI 7 is probably out with Noise’s current popularity.

Just play Keyhole and IT department. You’ll end the day being the least popular person in the room, guaranteed.

Edit: Title of post is significantly different from the content. Interesting =/= annoying

I amend my recommendations. Go with Criminal Drug Dealer supported Faust and some Deck that tries to score 3 points early then finish with Shutdown > Install Vanity Project > AD for 3x shipment from sansan to score it.


Valencia Hivemind Chakana.

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It would be interesting to revisit that with new stuff like Pancakes and Faust in the mix, and it certainly qualifies as both interesting and annoying, tho with everyone teching for Clot anyway it’s natural prey of NEH are a lot more resilient to it nowadays…

I strongly disaggree. Maxx has a huge problem against Cyberdex and has not enough pressure before the Hivemind is loaded.
Valencia is more flexible and can eat a couple of cyberdex.

P.S.: I’ve been playing Val Big Dig for this whole season now to great succes.

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If your meta is as infested by Noise as everyone else’s is, I’ve found grindy IG with 3x CVS to be a hilariously effective counter. As for trolly runner decks, I have soft spots for Whizzard Vamp-Keyhole and Chaos Theory Game Day-Faust.

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I played a game day Faust yesterday as PE. Komainu is really silly if you chronos their deus x.

I will definitely echo how annoying it is to play against Industrial Genomics! As for runners, any deck that recurs parasites over and over again can be annoying.

My current MaxX deck is very fine ( 58 cards - #wtf #nowai #cantwork)… Either you saw it, either you panic… Slowly :smiley:

Key cards are Wyldside, Pancake, Faust, Parasite, Deja vu and Public Sympathy, inf is LARLAx2, Crescentusx3, Clone Chipx3. Who cares money, I draw cards, trash cards, access, hit snare, rmove tag and on and on. My cards are my credits.

This is a glass canon, with some funny results (ie most decks but FA).

I can’t believe I forgot about the 90 card tower Maxx deck. That would be the ultimate trolling, but I don’t think I’m good enough to do it.

I’ve been playing an 110 card MaxX deck for the last month or so, scoring about 50% in ANRPC events.

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No levy, NO FUTURE :slight_smile:

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Oh, I forgot CT monorun…

Draw the deck, makes huges money then monolith triple medium, and run r&d triple clone chiping atman and a demorun in hand…

C&C days… :slight_smile:

RP or anything with TFP / Caprice / Batty is pretty annoying in general :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, probably some ITD deck on the corp side.

On the runner side, I detest the CT SavoirFaire-AuRevoir deck; seems like the kind of deck that is extreme in the sense of being near unstoppable with a good matchup and decent draw and quite thrashy otherwise. It also seems to have very few interesting decisions to make as the runner - though I might do it a disservice as I have not played it myself, but from the other side it certainly seems that way.

Other runner decks that I personally find somewhat annoying are pure mill and pure blackmail recursion style decks.