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What Daedalus cards are you adding to your decks?


Signal jamming seems like a good way to stop a SMC or Insta-Parasite kill and land some painful subs when playing a rush deck.


I’ve been trying out a Maw/Bhagat deck in the Frantic coding Whizz Shell and I like it a lot. Maw works with Slums so that is fun.


Maw does not work with slums per the UFAQ:

  1. If the Runner uses Salsettes Slums to remove a trashed card from the game, does Maw trigger?

Ancurprofile No, Maw does not trigger. In order to use Salsette Slums, the Runner must trash the accessed card.

Unless by works with Slums you mean they go well together, in which case, my apologies!


I feel like the fact you have to trash Signal Jamming to use it (to prevent the runner from installing cards during this run, on THIS server) makes it a little weak. Navi Mumbai city grid is a lot broader and doesn’t trash, though it is yellow + 2 inf.


hmm, I feel like I read the opposite but now I will have to confirm. Thanks for the head’s up.


With the ability to guarantee subs will fire on a piece of ice, I think the card is fairly priced.

Especially if you can destroy a program or two.


Another downside of Signal Jamming I just thought of is that it does not specify runner cards. So if you have a Crick or Architect protecting the server, they will not be able to install a card for you.


I will point out that Signal Jamming prevents the conspiracy breakers from installing from the heap, unlike Navi. I think this is most relevant in getting your Sentries to fire despite MKUltra, as the Yog/Orchestra meta is always in flux, and if they can’t install Paperclip they’ll just bounce off the ETR and run again. Point still stands - SJ is pretty niche.


It reminds of my favorite unusable card: Tyr’s Hand. Needs a narrow window to work.


I played against a pretty gnarly Hayley Cams that ran 2x FTE and 2x Mad Dash. It was pretty cool, since it that combo allows the runner to win in just two scores.


I am actually really enjoying trying to make decks work with Network Exchange. Granted, wide decks don’t care as much, but I like the card for the subtle effect it has on the game. Paired with Leela, and all of a sudden its super annoying to double up on HQ every time an agenda is scored or stolen.

In terms of adding cards to competitive decks, I’ve added SYNC BRE to… well… SYNC, since I’m not convinced that Aaron is too much of a problem card, and the card is hella annoying to break. Otherwise, I’m not that interested in most of these cards competitively. Mad Dash is the best of them, but I don’t often play decks that would want to play it.