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What Daedalus cards are you adding to your decks?

Now that Daedalus is here, what cards are you looking to add to your decks?

I’m slotting a NEXT Wave 2 into my Friendcoats deck instead of Corporate Sales Team.

I’m putting a couple copies of Net Analytics into my CtM deck to replace a copy of MVT and NASX.

These are for testing. They might come back out later.

I don’t see any cards that makes sense in my Kit, Silhouette, or Whizzard decks.

What about you?

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Mad Dash and Exploit

that’s prob about it.

i do like Net Analytics, but i’m kind of off tags atm with so much Aaron running around

i want to try out Jemison, but i’ll probably wait for a few more cards in the cycle and TD to come out


I want to see what Zed 2.0 does in architects of tomorrow. It’s a click taxer that can deal with sifr sometimes.

Probably garbage. But might be worth it with batty?


Mad Dash is incredible. I’m putting two in my Indexing Shaper deck.


Yes! It’s probably one of the runner cards that will be making the biggest splash.

Zed 2.0 is quite good. One more credit than Ichi with the same number of subs but as a 2.0. Hardware trashing is arguably more impactful than program trashing, at the moment. Also much worse to face-check than Ichi. Could be a nasty surprise.

The only downside is that the last sub can basically be ignored in a normal breaking situation, which nocks 1 off the tax. Ichi’s last sub will, at the very least, always cost non-link runners 1 credit.

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In a bioroid heavy deck it requires the runner break it or spend two clicks on it.

Seems pretty good with Fairchild’s also threatening the brain damage.

Absolutely none of them.


I’m not super impressed with the Runner cards save for Mad Dash.

I really want to mess around with Jemison and I think the Jinteki cards fit nicely into my Potential Unleashed deck.

I also agree that Zed 2 with Batty looks pretty good. Time that right and you can trash a console and make them trash a breaker or other program due to memory issues.


Mad Dash is the only straight up good card atm. I’ll probably put in a 1x Exploit for funsies, but it’s not amazing in the current meta.

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I’m on 2 Freedom / 2 Shutdown in Gabe right now, so I’ll probably try going 1 Freedom / 1 Mad Dash and 1 Shutdown / 1 Exploit, since it seems like they occupy similar-ish slots in the deck.

I’m confused, Exploit is just terrible right? Infiltration is in core, is more flexible in both what it exposes and in that it can give you money, and the trade off is that you get an extra click for Exploit for 2 credits, which isn’t a hugely powerful trade. What am I missing here? The click compression is kind of nice I suppose, in that it lets you have 3 clicks to prepare before finding out whether you want to run a freshly installed card.

The card you’re thinking of is Spot the Prey (which you’re right, seems pretty bad). Exploit is the “derez 3 pieces of ICE if you’ve successfully run on all 3 centrals this turn” one.

Although I think Exploit will turn out to not be worth it against a lot of decks too. The unwieldiness probably doen’t make up for the extra effect over Emergency Shutdown in enough situations to justify Exploit over E Shutdown - and that doesn’t see much play these days anyway.


Oh yes, my bad. I think Exploit was probably worth it once, but to be in a situation where there are 3 pieces of ice that you really want to derez and still being able to run 3 centrals seems rare these days.

I think the most likely scenario is that you have 2 Aaron Marron counters and the right breaker combo to get into HQ. If the first run is an account siphon, you’ll probably have the credits to get into R&D and archives afterwards.

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I’m playing Zed 2 in my Batty ETF Corp just for the satisfaction of batty-ing someone’s Sifr.


whether or not Exploit is good really depends on how much glacier/big ICE we have in the meta. right now probably not, but stay tuned for the MWL

Just chiming in to say I really, really like Mad Dash. Won a game yesterday at a SC with hit Mopus x2 -> Indexing -> Mad Dash. Just enough credits and clicks to get through twice. Am I probably too hyped up on it because of that win? Yes. But I do think the card is pretty decent.


Got a timed loss instead of a tie today because I forgot to use Mad Dash when I was almost certain I was going to get an agenda (pulled some Femme Fatale shenanigans on the scoring remote). They called time and we both had 4 points, but he FAed a Hostile Takeover to beat me 5-4 :(.

where’s the living the nightmare thread?