What do you prefer? (Poll)

Fantasy Flight Games Android Netrunner or Nisei?

  • I prefer Android: Netrunner over Nisei.
  • I prefer Nisei over Android: Netrunner.

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You probably want to change your wording to reflect the organization’s name.

Everyone knows what’s what!

Only just started to get into the newer stuff. It looks promising, overall. But I am starting to feel like a lot of my favourite mechanics and concepts have been cut from the game by now.
And the fluff and flavour feels a shadow of what it was. Part and parcel of the slightly lower production budget, sure… but the vision of this universe is different now. We got that post-Endgame MCU vibe.

Android: Netrunner is the game I fell in love with. Gonna keep playing with the old cards forever! And will proxy the new cards that speak to me.
Not like much has any bearing on my eternal kitchen table meta, anyway.

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Yeah, your right. I’ll make changes.

Probably worth having poll options that keep NISEI as a distinct entity from NSG, since there have been a couple of distinct changes of design philosophy etc roughly coincident with the rename.

With the poll as it stands, I gotta put in my vote for FFGRunner. System Gateway is the best new player product the game’s ever had, but some of the new themes seem a bit off-key (e.g., why is there a trade union subtheme running through Anarch?).

Some of the more modern cards (System Gateway and later) are really clean design, but quite a few are boring value cards or IDs which encourage pretty linear deckbuilding. You’re probably going to stuff all the trashing cards into Loup decks, and you’re probably going to stuff all the sabotage cards into Esa decks. Some card designs in Ashes were bonkers (e.g., Prognostic Q-Loop and The Class Act), but there were some really cool designs in there (e.g., lockdown cards, Devil Charm, Boomerang, Wall to Wall).

I’m also disappointed that we haven’t seen as many articles into the design team’s thinking as we used to. The article about retiring trace as a primary mechanic made a lot of sense, but link is still a significant amount of ID real estate and I hope to see link matter in some more interesting way than just “can the corp afford to trace at all?”. It would have been especially nice to have some sort of statement about the minifactions, which have a dedicated fanbase; all signs point to them being quietly rotated out without any proper send-off. You can contrast this with the nice farewells Whizzard, Andy, and Chaos Theory got in Flashpoint, and the shout-outs Noise, Andy, and Kate got in Ashes.


We are called Null Signal, the name change was for the organisation. I would prefer if people used our current name, personally. The changes in philosophy have come the same ways that the FFG philosophy changed over time. We just got more familiar with the game we make.


Sorry everyone, I can’t edit the wording on the poll. :frowning:

I prefer that game where Sure Gambles are 9 creds for 5 and Hedge Funds around the same. :wink:
(don’t make me choose between ice cream and ice cream, please).

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that version is NSG. Sure gamble was also in FFG version.