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What genius thought it was a good idea to add sound effects to Jnet?

Yet, here you are.

I’m shocked.


@spags I’m lazy to play the wonderfull game of NBN vs whoever is the stronger since last year. I played that thousand of times and by refusing to play a copydeck, looses any serious time. Hence a pause.

I’m waiting for changes since the begining but realizes that any changes would only come from players with copypasted decks consisting of NBN & whoever is the stronger since last year.

Innovation is not rewarded the way it should. Just use a pool of 100x2 cards, there it is. Clic advantage of NBN is outrageous (just compare Gagarin vs CTM = FFG accidently the balance of the game), and there’s no special reason for it to suddenly stop to reduce the competitive game to NBN vs the world.

I don’t know who is stupid to let things like CTM & NEH & … : FFG or their testers or both.
And Im starting to don’t care.

Like a Maxx deck?


MaxX tower decks were good, I can explain this to you in just a little less than 6546411 words on 123 posts.


Can you do it with lots of math my eyes are going to gloss over?


Sure, and I can add some borderline comments as usual ? :slight_smile:

I can’t think of a valid reason talking about this deck with people that did not make a single game with it anyway, so eos.

I don’t play meatspace Netrunner in complete silence for a reason.


The only time I find the sounds annoying is when I am playing on Skype/Discord and am already talking to someone else. Luckily for those times there is a mute button on my browser tab.


TIL Chrome tabs have a “Mute tab” function. Thanks, man.


I think you have to activate it, but the little speaker icon that shows up when a tab is making sound can be configured to be a mute button as well, which is the quickest/easiest way I know of to mute a single tab in Chrome.

The answer is, the best kind of genius. Thanks, developer(s)!


FWIW, I can/will reproduce OCTGN/JNET sounds IRL, esp. if requested.


Resolve Siphon
"Clink clink clink?"

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There’s a siphon sound?!?

the sounds are a throwback to the OCTGN interface, which most of the player base have experienced and missed. you have a mute button if you don’t like them


New Life Goal: Get Spags to reproduce JNET sounds IRL.


It’s delayed and usually plays during the corp’s turn. It sounds like three coins dropping into a bag of coins.

Clink clink clink


I want spags to record an acapella version of all the sounds and I want that to be an option on jnet. That they don’t have that is the real problem here.


Having sound is good, but I would like them to be a little bit less obnoxious.

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The only problem I have with the sounds is that it seems like the option to turn them off is stored in a cookie? I clear cookies whenever my browser closes (for security reasons) so the sounds always turn back on every time I visit :<