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What genius thought it was a good idea to add sound effects to Jnet?

Hard to imagine how anyone could consider this a “feature,” so it’s hard to imagine a piece of software more out of touch with its userbase. Jnet is volunteer-developed, but anyone who’s ever watched a Netrunner video on YouTube could have told you adding sound effects was not a good use of anyone’s time.

Jnet needs a public roadmap and demonstrated QA. It’s looking sloppy and each week seemingly brings a new set of regressions that affect even casual viewers.

Between this, Worlds meta, and degenerate play, things aren’t looking good.

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I am enjoying the sounds at least for the time being.

It does give you the option of turning the sounds off. So people who like the sounds can keep them on and the people who do not like them you can turn them off.

At the end of the day if it allows some people to get more enjoyment of playing on Jnet it cannot be a bad thing.


Exactly. This is nothing but a feature improvement for those who want sounds, and a literal non-change for those that don’t. I personally remember around April 1st when they had the joke sounds, a large number of people said that, while the chosen sounds were clearly over the top, it would be cool to have that feature in the future. Clearly some people want the feature, and specifically asked for it, so no I don’t think they’re severely out of touch with the userbase. If you don’t want it, your solution is a button press away.


I, for one, am simply thankful that I can plan my favorite game online, for free, whenever I want.
Any minor inconvenience the site may cause me doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Also, for the record, it’s this type of salty behavior that makes the volunteers who work on Jnet stop doing it. If these sound effects really bother you, do as @BobAloVskI says and turn them off. For the people who like it, it’s great, and for the rest, the sun will still rise tomorrow.


Going to keep an eye out for the first ‘Like’ you get on this. Luckily, I’m patient.


I personally have cut my ears off à la Van Gogh to avoid the sounds.


Not sure if trolling or serious?

Jinteki is free, and damn near one of the (if not THE) best electronic implementations of a card game ever put together by anyone at any point in history.

On what high and mighty authority do you dare demand that the creators answer to you or anyone else? Or that they do any more with their time than they’re already doing?

Furthermore, do you even realize how breakneck their release pace is? They keep up with the physical game. EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. That’s INSANE for software development.

I just…

I can’t even…

Do me a solid, please? Get bent.


login rejected


Just to spite your attitude a little, I’ve gone and donated.

I’m liking the sounds personally, I REALLY like the secondary feedback from the game besides just reading text. I even hope they add a few more subtle ones to differentiate between certain specific actions more.

Regardless, jnet is an absolute GEM of the board game community as a whole. (And really the only reason I get to play Netrunner at all any more.)


The sound effects are fine. Some are better than others. The card drawing and the installation noise are pretty decent, and even the little cash clink is ok. The ‘advance’ noise is a bit annoying.

At some point, maybe the community could start a Patreon or something so we could get more directed development towards card automation, and interface polish. For now, it’s pretty amazing given that it’s being funded through sporadic donations.


This would be me.
Oh wait, I don’t play anymore. 'wonder why.


Well this is disappointing. Or just a misguided troll. But still disappointing.

And now to get back to enjoying Jnet. With sounds.


The lack of sounds was a huge reason why I kept using OCTGN for a long time. It’s so much easier to follow your opponent’s turn without needing to check the log every second.

I still prefer the old octgn sounds over te new Jnet sounds, but that’s probably because I’m not used to them yet.

I’m glad they added it, we just need to get used to them.


I’m not a fan of playing jinteki with sounds. I like listening to music or talking on ventrilo to people.

…So I click the checkbox in options that turns them off. If you were too stupid or lazy to find that button, sucks for you.

I normally lurk these forums, but the adolescent, arrogant sense of entitlement in this post is appalling. You act like this is a service you pay a monthly fee for.

Thanks for the dedication to ensure others have fun in a convenient and accessible way with their free time, jinteki team!


We all agree that this is dumb. Let’s drop the issue and not make a punching bag out of it.


@anon34370798 saves the day!


I love when people have universal judgements that never apply 100%.

Get off my lawn.

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