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Sounds on jinteki.net


Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed the Weyland.meat soundpack! Unfortunately, due to many sounds being movie quotes/game references/other proprietary stuff, keeping the SFX pack as-is is not really feasible.

However, I welcome all your feedback. Tell me if and why you found any of the sounds especially satisfying/cool/annoying - I’ll try to keep that in mind when preparing the ‘real’ SFX-pack.

For anyone wanting to check out the Weyland.meat SFX pack to check the sounds they missed or prepare a custom soundpack (if such an option is possible in the future), you can download it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1cV-lyUhuhxSENPRWRmdnJjRlE

Another thing I’ve been wondering about is whether a mute setting should be saved per session, per browser or per account. I think using the browser localstorage and storing the setting per browser would make the most sense. (For the April 1st event there was no mute implemented, we were relying on the browsers’ builtin mute).

Jinteki.net discussion
What genius thought it was a good idea to add sound effects to Jnet?

I loved the sounds effects! I made a MaxX deck just for Account Siphon, Eater, and Apocalypse – it was totally worth it.

I’d really like to have sound effects to make it easier to track a variety of common actions at least, like drawing a card, clicking for a credit, initiating/ending a run, and probably for when I’ve Had Worse is activated, since it is important for the corp to notice when that happens.

Also, if there were a button to show both players the timing structure of a run, it could solve 90% of the arguments on Jinteki.net (the other 10% involve one or both of the player’s mothers, and would require a different chart).

Mostly I’d just like to say I was a big fan of Weyland.meat and enjoyed it a lot!


The sounds that I’d appreciate the most would be start/end turn sounds.

The sounds that I found most annoying were the Wilhelm scream whenever a connection was trashed, but then I was playing OCA Geist so it happened a lot.


If/when custom sounds become an option I’m popping these right back in. Great job, seriously.


Great idea. I’d love to see more generic (i.e. non card-specific) sounds such as when a player draws a card (whether it’s with a click or some card ability), a card is trashed or the deck is shuffled. I think it’s also more scalable that way since you don’t need to keep adding more sound effects when new cards are released.


The plan for the default soundpack for jinteki.net is indeed first to cover most common click-actions, giving them a recognizable sound. Here’s a loose list, with names coming from OCTGN’s .o8g, of what I would like to have SFX for:

Access-server.mp3 (run-successful)

Additionally, probably a few notification sounds (a prompt has appeared when you are tabbed out, something was written in chat etc.) would be a good idea.

Here’s a shoutout to @krystman who offered to prepare a consistently-sounding pack with the above actions. Once we have that, it shouldn’t take long to appear on the live server.

After this list is done, we can focus on more card-specific sounds, such as Breaking News :wink:


Without wanting to be too much of a negative nancy, I really disliked all of them - felt like those old websites where music used to autoplay when you navigated to the page!

As long as there’s an option for disabling them at user level however, it doesn’t make a difference to me.

The only sound I find useful is the “someone’s entered your lobby” one when I’m off browsing on another tab and people are slow at joining up.


I enjoyed them - some suggestions -

Please bring back the chimes (or whatever it is) from OCTGN for the PSI games - I still make that sound effect in real life.

I also think there should be a “I’m waiting” sound effect. Map it to ctrl-5 for old-time’s sake, please.


Wasn’t this “username is thinking…”?

Haha, “login rejected” is also an IRL classic. But to be serious, I think jinteki.net is better off doing its own thing.


This one and the thinking (Ctrl+5) yes plz.

While on it, moar keyboard shortcuts is great, I still accidentally press Esc to end rund and F1 to start turn :stuck_out_tongue:


So… are the OCTGN sounds real on Jnet, and if so how do you activate them ? Or was it part of the joke (and then wondering how much time it took to synchronize the sounds…):


bewnt explained in one of his videos that he’s injected sounds into Jinteki.net. So it’s custom, not sure if he’s posted a how-to somewhere.


I have to admit one of the things I struggle with on jinteki,net is that is is no sound feedback. I think some simple sound effects that confirm that its start of a turn or you’ve played a card etc. I believe its one of these thing that will need a bit of trial and error or the ability for the user to turn off particular sounds as it could be quite easy to design something that some find annoying or confusing.



Hey there,

Luckily, work is being done on this issue. You can check the progress here: https://github.com/mtgred/netrunner/issues/968


The first version of the soundpack by @krystman is available for testing on the test server: http://jinteki.zaroth.net . Feedback welcome, especially per sound effect (e.g. run sound is too relative compared to others, card draw sfx is too loud…).

In case someone wants the pack itself for listening to it more closely, it’s linked in the github issue above.