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What happened to Running on Italics?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I really enjoyed the running on italics articles, not enough places touch on the lore and flavor of netrunner compaired to all the sites that talk deckbuilding.

The tag hasn’t updated in near two months, anyone know whats going on?

If I had to guess it’d be the tournament season. I saw the guys behind the column at Regionals just before Chrome City, and our Nats are 3 weeks away.

Plus we only got The Underway about a week (or 2 for the capitals) ago

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They still haven’t covered the corp side of Chrome City and a lot of the older sets so theres still material, I’m just glad the project didn’t shut down or something. Netrunner needs more love of its lore

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I miss Running on Italics too!

I hope you guys return after Nationals.

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