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What have been some of your best games recently, win or lose?

With all the store champs going on, I was hoping to have a thread to share not necessarily amazing wins or astounding plays, but just some games that ended being some of the most fun you’ve had with netrunner.

I had one game where I was playing my slightly janky tagstorm Sol deck where I hit a runner with a 15 tag midseason. He decided his best bet was to run R&D and faceplanted into information overload (on encounter trace 1 for a tag, then IO gains the sub “Runner trashes 1 installed card” for each tag they have). It’s a nasty play, but my opponent took the tag, did some math, and realized he was just short on credits to save anything he had installed on the board. When he realized he didn’t have any play to save his rig, he just laughed, said “I can’t even be mad at that,” and announced that he would not end his run so he could faceplant as hard as he could into wraparound, just to make it do some work!

So has anyone else had any particularly fun or generally impressive experiences in recent games?


My best win was when I landed a Chronos Project against a truly excellent MaxX player, leaving him with 7 cards in his stack, and no siphons. The score put the match to 2-6 favoring MaxX, but the loss of so many cards really hurts… any runner, although to my opponent’s credit, he just shrugged and said, ‘hey, that happens’. I was able to score out and win by FA that match.

My best loss was against a new player playing Chaos Theory with some cards he borrowed from his friend. I started with 3 Agendas and no ICE. I mulliganed into: 3 Agendas and no ICE. I only came up with a pop-up window on turn 1 draws. My opponent Legworks on turn 1, hits all 3 agendas. The Maker’s Eye capped off the game for him nicely. I’m still salty about it.


The thread you’re looking for is #LivingtheDream in which we recount tales of epic but extremely unlikely success.

Most recently I enjoyed crushing a Valencia on itinerant protesters by recurring a turn one Elizabeth Mills all. game. long. I almost had to feel bad for him, but… yeah. I don’t feel bad for orange IDs, ever.


I’m not looking for amazing plays per say, but games that just ended up being really fun because how they played out between you and your opponent. I’ve just seen (and contributed a bit myself) in negativity about the game so I wanted to have a thread to share stories of games that might not have been great from a technical standpoint but just ending is some odd way that left both you and your opponent smiling.

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So @LazerDoofus & I had probably the greatest Netrunner game of my life last Saturday. Not only an excellent game, but winner’s bracket semi-finals of a store champs so the winner is going into the finals. It was recorded, hopefully we’ll see it online sometime soon. The whole game was very close & intense, but the last turn was incredible:

Game point for both of us, he’s on 3pts as Medtech & I have 5 (GFI & Future Perfect). He goes install-advance-advance in a two-ICE deep remote which I know has a Caprice in it, another upgrade too.* I have a half-dozen or so virus counters on Medium & RnD has just one ICE left on it, so I spend the first 3 clicks hitting it again & again, destroying the last ICE in the process. I see the entire rest of the deck, something like 7-8 cards, but there are no agendas in it & I’m now down to my last click. He’s got a couple facedowns in an unprotected Archives, which I consider checking, but also I can get into HQ easily…so I run and single access The Future Perfect. We play a psi game for the whole game. This is why we play Netrunner, folks. I bid zero…he goes one & wins. Ends up winning the whole tournament a few games later.

But the best part: he ditched a GFI into Archives to reduce the chance of it being stolen out of hand. The win was sitting right there for the taking & he bluffed it perfectly. An excellent play, as I said at the time “I’ll lose that game any day.”

* I thought Ash because I was sloppy & didn’t count influence after seeing the whole deck. Looking at the Medtech list after the tournament, I’m certain it was Self-Destruct :dizzy_face: Now that flatline might’ve been an even better ending.


Playing at the store championships recently, recursive Industrial Genomics versus a Whizzard deck leaning on Faust somewhat. I’d been playing hide-the-agendas reasonably successfully all game, even scored out a House of Knives. He’d used his single copy of Levy AR Lab Access and was most of the way through the deck the second time before managing to repeatedly trash my R&D ICE and get a Medium going. He was now at five points. HQ and Archives were both double ICE-d. He hadn’t run HQ all game, and Archives only once or twice. I was stashing agendas in both as if my Netrunner life depended on it. My last Jackson Howard was facedown on the board behind some spiky traps as a last ditch protection against an Archives run. He couldn’t afford to trash anything now, in terms of credits and more importantly cards thanks to Hostile Infrastructure.

Last turn, he had trashed whatever R&D ICE I had managed to scrape together, dropped a second Medium and by the last click ran for ten cards out of an R&D of thirteen or fourteen, seeing only a Future Perfect (the only agenda in R&D) but not managing to steal it. But now he was down to four cards in hand, two or three in the Stack and no more recursion. I couldn’t muster any ICE in my turn.

He obviously ran the open R&D first click for an access of twelve cards now. I still had Jackson Howard, my last bit of recursion. If I used him I had no way to get my precious museums back. But it was now or never, else he could just keep accessing the TFP all turn. So I popped Jackson Howard for a Snare! and two copies of Shock!, the spikiest three cards in Archives. And shuffled. By card five, he saw the first Shock!, at card eight or nine the second one. Card ten, was this the fatal Snare! or the winning Future Perfect? It was the agenda, and he won the Psi game this time. Epic end to a game.


Playing Foodcoats against Noise in just an amazingly fun example of the matchup. I was on 4 points against 6 with a shaky remote, not enough money and staring down a Medium dig, although he was out of deck. He hit HQ and accessed the only non agenda in hand, next turn I think stuff it and IAA for the win. He installs Grimoire, a second Medium and runs R&D…to see a Turing he thought was on the remote. I had 2 agendas in hand out of 3 cards but 6 facedowns in Archives. After a LONG think, he went for Archives and found no agendas. Awesome glacier vs Noise game.

It was self destruct :stuck_out_tongue:


I was playing an Argus rush/kill deck and installed Ice Wall over R&D turn one against Ed Kim. Should buy some time right?

He immediately installs Corroder and is getting an access every turn.

Fast forward several turns and I’ve rebuilt the board, but he has pulled 6 points out of my R&D, as well as trashing 2/3 Scorched. So the kill plan is off. I scored an over-advanced Project Atlas with 2 counters on it. I have 4 cards in HQ and one of them is a Corporate War that would win either of us the game. I decide to install Grim in front of HQ which is now Grim>Wraparound, thinking that if he runs there with his Mimic and no sucker out I can trash the Corroder and stop him with the Wraparound.

He installs DDoS and then Legworks my 3 card HQ with the match point in it. I groan a bit before realizing I have Atlas Counters. I tutor up some fluff (I believe Archer and an Ice Wall so he couldn’t Ed Kim them away to improve his odds). His legwork access wiffs and misses the Corporate War. He starts trying to rebuild his economy. 2 Turns later I score the Corporate War for the game!