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What if Netrunner was an anime?

I’m rather amused by: Noise with anime hair. CT and Tenma apparently rooting for Caprice? Caprice seeming to be a quiet type… And of course, the last panel is perfect.

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UUUUUGGGGGGG more more more more

I want a full-length animated series of thisssssss!


Seeing this pop up on my Tumblr feed was basically the nail in the coffin for me to pick up the game. It just seemed so… cooooool.


it is so cool! especially because I often feel exactly like this during tense games. (did you see the original strip? no card interaction has ever made me feel like I live in a ridiculous yu-gi-oh episode than being like “scorched earth? too bad you didn’t know that I’ve Had Worse”)

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Fool! You’ve activated my trap card!

Welcome to the game! :smiley:

I love anime Elizabeth Mills.

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Came across this comic again today, and felt inclined to revive this thread so anyone who hasn’t seen it can experience the awesomeness. Does anyone know if this person has done more?


Edward Kim and CT are the best parts of this comic.