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What is the meta like?

I only have a few games in the format. My local group is going to be doing an event using this format soon, so I am trying to devise some decks for it.

I’ve noticed a couple things about the meta. I’m not sure if they hold true beyond my own limited experience.

  1. The Corp tends to have a hard time making money.

  2. Blood Money is a popular choice for the 1 data pack for runners.

  3. Lack of MWL means you get lots of Anarch breakers and programs.

  4. The Corp usually has a lot of agendas that are hard to score quickly – or at all.

What else do you notice about the meta?

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NBN and Kate seem to be most popular in the top tables.

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Running NBN decks on Jinteki, it feels like the lack of MWL but keeping errata (1 Astro) gives the runner a leg up. I’ve run into more than one player with wide slate of Anarch tools and triple clone chip. Meanwhile, I can’t run 3/2 agendas, which makes it tough to score.

Big tournament (20+ players) coming up here, so I’ll have more data next week. In the meanwhile:

  1. Corp tends to have a hard time making money: Definitely harder than “normal” Netrunner. Lots of players gravitate to ID’s or datapacks in their choices that offer better econ choices than available in just the core. EtF is popular for this reason (of course) and Palana, RP and other Corps to a lesser extent as well. Runners run into exactly the same problem, to a somewhat lesser degree. games are tight economy wise and sometimes slower because of this.

  2. Blood Money is a popular pack: Yes and no. We’ve noticed this when Blood Money came out. It’s quite logical really; Temujin + Beth + Rumor Mill makes for an attractive package. Temujin can be stopped however and any deck that runs it as the main point of their economy will find itself in deep trouble when facing a prepared Corp. Sync, Sol and EtF (again, sigh) are effective counters to this that I’ve seen pop up. Blood Money use has died down accordingly, also because the pack felt “too easy” as a choice. is about working with what you have and trying out unusual or underplayed cardboard accordingly. The format is not about finding sheer power and definitely not finding “the best deck”. For existing players it’s about offering an interesting challenge and different play experience than competitive Netrunner. For new players; it’s all about a lower barrier of entry, both in expenses, cardpool/mechanics and power level.

  3. Lots of Anarch breakers and programs: True. Absolutely true. Red programs are everywhere. Only lately I’ve noticed players adjusting their datapack or card selections to deal with this. I’m expecting some CVS blowouts and similar things to occur at the upcoming tournament.

I’ll go into some of the other points at a later time; been typing this in between work.

Are there any IDs that are especially hampered in

I’m trying to think of IDs that have key cards across too many packs to build a really effective deck in the format. I’m too new to the game to be able to figure that out.

It’s my experience that in the beginning the runners are stronger but the corps quickly adept. In the beginning money feels thight but after a while you find ways to make it work. I’m on etf en blue sun atm for there financial value for example. This is also the case with the anarch breakers and parasite if they become to prevalent people start packing magnet or cvs. So yes they are well used by a lot of players but with our group the meta is already shifting so I’m tempted to say that is also a startup thing because there is no real database for decks. people tend to stick to what they know in the beginning especially when it is at a tournement.


Fun, diverse, parasite-heavy, runner-favored.