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What is the worst card in the game?!

Okay but seriously. Couldn’t resist.

Push your luck is great for cube dude. You don’t always play to win.

My worst card is bug. Zed is the only other card that even comes close in terms of “what was the design team even thinking?” but at least you can use Zed to look like an architect while it’s face down.


Exile is worse than the prof. Prof does something nobody else does. Exile is very close to being strictly worse than Kate.

@bblum can we close this topic after that comment. It’s going to get uninteresting pretty fast.

Edit : posted between @bblum’s posts

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[quote=“MasterAir, post:22, topic:4756”] Prof does something nobody else does.

Is nothing something? Even with bringing in programs to fix his 1 influence, he is still blank cardboard in game.

Exile has the ability to draw a card at instant speed (relevant vs damage), and if repeatable recursion ever becomes a thing has a very powerful ability. Being worse than kate describes 90% of shaper anyway.


It has to be Ekomind really. I mean lots of the suggestions do very little but Ekomind actively forces you into terrible deckbuilding choices and then loses you the game anyway. Oh and it also nombos with Levy which would have to be a key part of the terrible deck you are being forced into.

Why all the hate for Auora over Leviathan?

You could Dr. Lovegood your Eko the turn you Levy! The jank is real!


You could have mushined Plan B for the same result.
Even the most shitty card of all time is great in a 4 card, situational (run on it), combo…

This one actually has a really strong use in IT Depo Decks.
In IT it works almost like an Oaktown Reno where it saves the tempo you would normally spend scoring it.


This demands a bracket.


Should’ve had this thread in March.

Vulcan Coverup is a pretty bad agenda

Not at all. It’s essential in a Mushin’ Shell game Argus/Gagarin deck.

edit: My top picks for worst cards are Record Reconstructor and Salvage. Pretty much every other card I can figure out a plausible scenario where it could at least be part of a good combo. There’s the RR R&D lock thing, but that’s never going to come up (if it was worded like Archives Interface, then maybe…??) and anything you can do with Salvage you’ll probably do way better with any other advanceable ice and there’s no reason to pick Salvage over the other options influence wise either…

You say really good, but I don’t think that means what you think it means.

@anon34370798,what if he had a trap in hand instead of plan B? There are at least stupid jank combos with Sakai, so I couldn’t throw him under the bus.

@bayushi_david, spiderweb, hive and grail, that’s pretty much it.

@samRS yeah, cyberdex trial might have a point in that deck, more that hellion alpha test in any deck, I think I’ll have to change my answer.

New jank: forfeiting three agendas with three 24/7 News Cycle to do 6 damage to the runner with Vulcan Coverup


How can you say this? Midori is awesome! Certainly she’s better than Akitaro Watanabe. Akitaro just saves you credits: just another money card, boring! Midori lets you do stuff you just couldn’t do otherwise. Predominantly she resets the one and only real resource advantage that the Corp ultimately has: hidden information.

I’d vote Shell Corporation for worst Upgrade. It’s Kati Jones for the Corp. Kati Jones is great, right? Yes, she’s good but the cost to trash is a landed tag, a click and two credits. The trash cost for Shell Corporation is a successful run on it and three credits. You can’t use Shell Corporation to get desperately-needed money if you need the same time and money spent installing, rezzing and clicking Shell Corporation to protect Shell Corporation long enough to payout! There is a niche use in using Shell Corporation to leverage a failed trap, adding a massive extra cost to trash. But with Back Channels we now have a much better, quicker way to do this. The other difference with Kati Jones is that the Runner dictates, to the greater extent, when the Corp needs to spend money. The Runner can choose to have a few slack turns “setting up” and clicking Kati, always having the threat there. The Corp needs to click the money off Shell Corporation the turn before they need it. And the Runner gets to decide when they need it! This is the main reason it doesn’t work, even when the cards looks so similar. A growing Kati Jones pile is a threat; a growing Shell Corporation pile is a liability.

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Midori is a great card, I killed many people with it. Changing an expected ice with an Inazuma is a lot of fun. Or changing paper walls by paper walls vs Nasir, etc. I made a lot of tricks with this card. You basically ask the runner “well if this ice is not here but you have to encounter this one instead ?” which allow to use your moved ice elsewhere + hit the runner if you trigger Midori on purpose. And that means something if you can predict a shit fan if the runner take one unexpected ice like Neural Katana “forgot your Mimic ?”, Inazuma in front of something like a rezzed Archer, etc.

About that “I have one trap in hand but I prefered to IAA Sakai instead”, well in my book, that is a stupid play too.
Sakai triggers on access. Traps triggers on access. Agendas are stolen on access.

The runner runs an advanced card without knowing it’s a trap or not => Sakai => “well, will you continue ?” => of course he will, the runner just decided to run an advanced card. There’s no “maybe it will be worse” option because the decision the runner just made before the run is to run a “I don’t know if it’s a trap or not, whatever”. The runner stays in the same “whatever dude” state of mind and will ALWAYS re-access.

Try it. It’s like risking something but saying “hey, now you’re in front of this risk, let’s re-risk the same thing” => whatever dude, I decided to risk something, come on.

Would I play to “Throw a dice, if it’s even I reroll and if it’s even I win, every other case you win.”, answer is no.

So if you use it as a trap, it’s stupid because you could have played the trap instead and Sakai took the place of it in your deck. If you don’t, well I hope you have ToLs or that new Weyland op because you just lost a turn for nothing :confused:

Sakai is a very bad card. It have its niche use in that Weyland ID which punish access by 1c, with ToLs or that new Weyland op, but not really anything else if I remember well all the card pool.

I immediatly saw this when seeing Sakai being spoiled, tried the card and did not change my opinion based on these tests. It’s a failed design until some cards that punish remote accesses really start to make it (semi) usefull.

Remove Sakai of you deck and put traps in it. In that case, everytime you would have draw a Sakai, you draw a trap for the exact same result.


I had a thought about playing Sakai in a deck with no traps and just seeing if you can occasionally get the runner to back off from an agenda. But it might not be worth it for the times the runner chooses not to run and you’re stuck with a Sakai.

If you play Jinteki, you just advance to 4 and wait. They would run it. But you deckbuilded so you are the one that takes the risk there, not the runner.

Also Sakai doesnt need a card that can be advanced to replace him.
Thats not so bad in trick of light deck. Want to pay X trashing this pad campain to deny me trick of light ?
Maybe in industrial genomics.
This card is the typical niche card, but it makes sense to have it in netrunner. Real question is “is this card better than the card X i can put instead?” answer is unfortunately no in general.

Salvage on the other hand… I still don’t understand.

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so it did nothing

had you just installed plan B instead of this ridiculous card, they would have accessed it, and you would have scored braintrust


This is really smart play !
But I’d rather play Allele in a ToL deck than a Sakai. Allele gives you ToLs and/or 3/2 with no clicks and make Nisei FA a dream come true in the Tennin I currently play :wink: