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What is your archetype antithesis?

What decks do you absolutely hate playing?
What do you do to spite them?
Include examples, and have fun hating the best game ever! What card combinations laugh at these runners/corps best?

I want to play cerebral static and cyberdex for noise, in every deck I play, but only when I play noise.


Gotta be andysucker, get the game ‘solved’ way too fast and then just runs through everything for free. Best moments involve snare kills and especially Agg Sec for a breaker lock.

Most CI decks get me salty in a hurry.

To spite them I usually get tilted and lose.



when played poorly by my opponent, i win, but the game will still take about 2 hours.

when played well by my opponent, i surge up to 5-6 points before they can really do anything and then fail to close before they finally score out

PE is really annoying unless i’m shaper.

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When I play CI how is it someone is always playing siphon?

Speaking of which, siphon/vamp :smiley: