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What Lies Ahead Restock

Not sure if this belongs here, but wanted to let everyone know that I noticed coolstuffinc has a bunch of What Lies Ahead data packs back in stock for $9.99. I’m sure most other places have them as well.

Just wanted to let everyone know who are newer and haven’t been able to get that hard to find pack.


Is it really that hard to get / special?

I just started playing a month ago and I couldn’t find one anywhere, and saw most of them going for $30-$50+ on ebay.

I luckily found a package deal of a core set and the first 3 data packs for $50, and sold all of it but What Lies Ahead for $40, so I got it for $10 a few weeks back basically.

It has some really key cards in it, combined with from what I can tell it has been rather difficult to find for some time, made it’s secondary market price go up a lot.

The restock finally came though, which is good news for those newer players who never got it.

Some of the key cards: Imp, Morning Star, Peacock, Plascrate Carapace, Ash, Project Atlas, etc. It’s got a ton of staples.

Well, I know it has some key card, however, I had no idea that FFG are not reprinting old data packs very often.

Yea I’m not exactly sure what the reprint schedule is, I am really new to the game. I just know I found most everything relatively easy - except for What Lies Ahead, and I had to do some searching for Creation/Control but I found it for less than MSRP after being patient. What Lies Ahead was near impossible to find without spending 3-4 times MSRP.

It’s back on the shelf at my FLGS (The Soldiery, Columbus OH) as of three days ago. Should be plenty of it around now.

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