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What software powers this forum?

Not really. In the end, all discord stems from the failed restraint of the id by the ego and superego.


The one thing that I’ve found annoying is that I can’t highlight some text and then click and drag it into another browser window to open a new tab and go to that URL or search the string if not a url.

For example when people post links in the streaming thread but don’t include the http:// so it doesn’t show up as a link. I can click and drag links to open up in another window fine but if it’s just plain text then I’m unable to do so. I presume it’s to do with the quoting feature, of course this wouldn’t be a problem if people posted links as links instead of plain text :smile:

Not a massive issue as I can highlight then right click to search/goto in a new tab and then click and drag from that tab to a new browser window (I use multiple chrome users with different sessions logged into different accounts on the same sites which is why I do this in case anyone is wondering).

Recently heard Jeff Atwood on a Quarter to Three podcast discussing Discourse. Awesome stuff, great software. Obviously, I love the badges, as they love me.


If my website ever needs large forum support I’m already sold. This is the best forum software I’ve ever used on my computer and phone. I’m thoroughly impressed.


I must say, reading stimhack.com is a pain for the eyes so I hope nobody changes this forum to ‘white on black’.


i can’t tell what you’re saying. i think black or grey background would be a huge improvement

some people have issues with white text on black. I found some support for this from a stackexchange discussion, this was the key take away:

People with astigmatism (aproximately 50% of the population) find it harder to read white text on black than black text on white. Part of this has to do with light levels: with a bright display (white background) the iris closes a bit more, decreasing the effect of the “deformed” lens; with a dark display (black background) the iris opens to receive more light and the deformation of the lens creates a much fuzzier focus at the eye.

Jason Harrison – Post Doctoral Fellow, Imager Lab Manager – Sensory Perception and Interaction Research Group, University of British Columbia

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Erm… Do I speak English that badly? It’s my second language but still…

Why so? Black background does make reading a bit more easy (mostly due to contrast), however, the moments after reading are extremely painful. I find it very hard to read anything after just reading half of a stimhack article. A completely white background is bad too, I’ll agree to that. Grayish could do but maybe very light red-ish brown colour might be better because it fits the theme better (stimhack, brain damage… maybe grayish pink, kind of to represent the brain…)

My local forum has very decent colours -> http://forums.ludo.lv/ Not to advertise or anything (you won’t understand a word :D) But just a nice example.

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I see where I went wrong, I was associating your “stimhack.com” as this forum, whereas you meant the main page which has a different color scheme

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I think that the colour named Pantone 1555 C might suit this very well… It will be different on different devices (no, it won’t be black and blue, everyone!) but if you made it a bit lighter, it would serve as a nice alternative to the white background. Just my thoughts, though.