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What software powers this forum?

Btw, while we’re on the subject - what kind of forum is this (custom?)

Can we add “go back to list of forums” to the bottom of the topic page? Now I have to click the post count, click “top”, click forums at the top.

You can just click the stimhack icon at the top.

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I love you :blush:

This forum is powered by Discourse.

And I’m one of the developers.


Great job!

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I love how sleek this forum looks and how fast it loads. Nice job, @zogstrip.


Thanks guys :wink:

Also, if any of you speaks CSS fluently, I’m looking for some help to customize this forum to use a more “cyberpunk” look.

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Nobody speaks CSS fluently.


What did you have in mind? I like how it is now, like a forum sibling to netrunnerdb, but I am versed in CSS shenanigans.

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I know @SneakySly wants it to be a dark theme. That might be a start :wink:

Hmm, I kind of like how white it is – gives the forums a clean look.

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Yeah, although to be honest at this point it might just be best to leave it as is. I would like it if the main site and the forums color schemes were not so opposite though.


To be honest, I prefer dark on light for long forum threads.

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I prefer darker schemes, as it stands this forum lights up my entire room like a halogen lamp =)

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This is my favorite forum software in terms of readability, usability, and simplicity. Strong work.


I also really like this software and was thinking of migrating a community I manage to it. But then I discovered I need a dedicated server and that a regular shared server subscription wouldn’t suffice. So now I’m considering Vanilla, although it’s not as nice as Discourse. This one just has a modern feel to it that no other has.

Does Discord support different themes? We can have a black and a white one, per user settings?

It does support theming but only site-wide. It’s not a per user setting.

So, where is your wish list of features? :smile:

We use http://meta.discourse.org for feature requests. Might want to search a bit before posting it, I’m pretty sure it has already come up :wink: