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What's Your Jam?

Netrunner Atmosphere

What music/sounds do you listen to when you play?

I’m a big fan of techno regardless of the activity (mostly programming) but when I’m playing Netrunner ether IRL or Skype I love me some sweet zion dub.


Blade Runner Soundtrack
TRON: Legacy Reconfigured
TRON: Legacy

Sometimes music can be a bit overwhelming so I found this blade runner inspired ambiance thing is great to put up on the TV when playing in the lounge.


Blade Runner Soundtrack for me too :smile:
Though I find that when I play on OCTGN I play better without music.

After I Stimhack some 1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2,6-dionecaffeine I’m good to go no mater the noise.

The Hackers soundtrack fits well with Netrunner and my tastes.

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Lazerhawk or Com Truise.


I throw on the Punch Out theme and get to work.


I listen to a lot of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Zola Jesus when I play. Who knows.

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I listen to a huge spectrum of electronic music, in and out of ANR, maybe I’ll do a huge dump of stuff in this thread at some point. Here is one album I enjoy in general and find is particularly nice for ANR

Sand Circles - Motor City

also, been jamming this playlist a lot lately, constantly growing


Spotify users, follow me!

For me, it’s the soundtracks to recent cyberpunk games that didn’t suck - Deus Ex 3, Frozen Synapse and Shadowrun Returns.

Well, that or Green Day mixed with Goldfrapp.

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this is best one for me:
hol baumann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVCvwgFgMig

Just going to linkdump a random smattering and let you listen.

Electro stuff:

Serious jams --> https://soundcloud.com/perturbator

Minimal atmospheric --> https://soundcloud.com/_type/sets/deaf-center-owl-splinters

Chiptune anime thing --> http://meganeko.bandcamp.com/

Darkwave --> http://lebanonhanover.bandcamp.com/

Indie(pop) / Dreampop / Shoegaze / Psych

fave --> http://thepainsofbeingpureatheart.com/music

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Psychadelic/noisy --> http://aplacetoburystrangers.bandcamp.com/ (they have other albums, all awesome)

Metal - atmospheric black / doom / et.al.:



http://nachopicasso.bandcamp.com/ – I like Lord of the Fly, Exalted and For the Glory
Song about comic books! --> http://nachopicasso.bandcamp.com/track/marvel

http://sole.bandcamp.com/ – some albums better than others


In addition to some of the suggestions already here, I’ll add:

The Deus Ex OSTs and Sonic Augmentation.

and, a techno/noise artist named after a card in the Original Netrunner, Access to Arasaka

I like a mix of ambient to uptempo techno here, though.

for a while, my friend and i would play with a mix of Purity Ring and Chvrches in the background. need to get around to making a mix with Kavinsky’s Night Call, M.O.O.N.'s Hydrogen, some electro-pop, and other music i’d imagine playing in Wyldside.

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I personally enjoy Front 242 and Front Line Assembly while playing netrunner. Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre are also good.

Should have left this up, its a sweet playlist.